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4 Restrooms With Curbless or Low-Curb Showers

Anna Butler Styles
After: Butler drew from medspas for motivation, developing an earthy modern-day restroom with a focus on natural products, per the property owner’s demand.

Two-by-10-inch Midori green matte ceramic tiles in a modern stacked pattern cover the walls of a large shower confined in glass. Two-inch matte black hexagonal porcelain flooring tiles stop at the shower’s curb, which, like the integrated bench and shower specific niche, includes developed black granite.

The primary floor covering is 24-by-24-inch light gray terrazzo-look porcelain tiles with a matte surface. In the background, you can see a 36-inch-wide drifting vanity, which was handcrafted from restored barnwood and has a clear matte, VOC-free surface. The 1 1/2 -inch-thick drifting concrete counter top was sealed to be waterproof.

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