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ADU 01195: Could You Suggest Some Financially Rewarding Drone Profession Options?

Financially Rewarding Drone Profession Options|Drones in Building And Construction, For Oil and Gas Evaluations, Drone Surveying

Today’s program has to do with rewarding drone profession choices.

Our caller for today, 24-year old Casey was simply fired from his surveying business. At his ex-employer, Casey ended up being acquainted with flying the Ebee drone, and likewise processing mapping information. Now, he is questioning the very best method forward, and how he can browse this profession modification.

On today’s program, we go over various drone utilizes like oil and gas evaluation, building and construction, and obviously, drone surveying. We likewise expose some excellent marketing pointers to assist Casey out. Thanks for the excellent concern, Casey. Fly Safe!

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  • [03:06] Today’s concern has to do with rewarding drone profession choices
  • [05:33] Utilizing drones for oil and gas evaluation
  • [06:47] How to effectively browse a profession modification
  • [09:33] How can Casey take advantage of his existing network and get employed as a drone property surveyor
  • [10:58] Advised platforms for getting drone gigs
  • [11:42] Drones in building and construction– Tips for constructing an effective drone service
  • [12:23] How to display your work utilizing a drone demonstration reel
  • [14:43] Getting your worry of cold-calling
  • [16:58] How can the Drone U Neighborhood assist you scale your drone service?
  • [17:50] How can Casey make excellent usage of his downtime?

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