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ADU 01196: Can I Utilize the Mavic 2 Zoom for Shooting Hotels and Resorts?

Today’s program has to do with utilizing drones for shooting hotels and resorts.

Our caller for today, Jordan from NY has a chance to shoot some aerial video of a resort. Nevertheless, his customer wants to emphasize the lovely mountains in the background. Therefore, Jordan is thinking about leasing the Mavic 2 Zoom for this brand-new gig.

However, is the zoom on this DJI drone effective adequate to emphasize the lovely background? And, should Jordan think about the Inspire 2-X7 combination for this gig?

Apart from this Mavic 2 Zoom– Inspire 2 contrast, we likewise expose some warnings that Jordan requires to keep an eye out for while leasing a drone. We conclude this program by sharing some terrific golden photography ideas to assist Jordan out. Delight in!

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  • [01:32] Today’s program is given you by Drone U landing pads
  • [02:33] Today’s concern has to do with utilizing drones for shooting hotels and resorts
  • [03:36] We begin today’s program by talking about an exceptionally financially rewarding profession choice for drone pilot– action sports
  • [05:02] How to emphasize the background in your drone video
  • [05:32] Should you utilize the Mavic 2 Zoom for shooting hotels and resorts?
  • [05:46] Marketing ideas and how to charge premium rates even when you are operating in a commoditized section
  • [06:39] Inspire 2 vs. Mavic 2 Zoom– is it worth investing more when shooting hotels?
  • [07:40] Utilizing the X7 with a 50 mm lens for recording the background in its complete splendor
  • [09:48] An outstanding, cost-saving hack to assist Jordan out
  • [11:25] Things to bear in mind when leasing a drone
  • [11:38] Some exceptional golden hour photography ideas to assist you out
  • [12:37] Can you combine the Inspire 2’s zoom cam with Mavic 2 Pro?

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