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ADU 01200: Drone Flight Time Contrast – Why the Phantom 4 Pro is Still the very best Alternative for Drone Mapping

On today’s program we do a flight time contrast in between some popular drones like Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2, and Mavic Business.

Our caller for today, Carl is thinking about the Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2, and Mavic Business for drone mapping objectives. However he is uncertain if these drones can offer him a long adequate flight time to conclude his task. And not surprisingly, he is likewise fretted about lacking battery mid-flight.

This is a fantastic concern that has actually not been asked prior to on Ask Drone U.

To assist Carl out, we do a thorough flight time contrast in between these popular DJI drones.

Furthermore, on today’s program, you will likewise find out:

How to reboot an objective after altering batteries mid-flight

Are the drones smart enough to reduce threat in case of low battery voltage?

Apps to assist you run flawlessly in the above situations …

Thanks for the terrific concern, Carl. Fly Safe!

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  • [00:54] On today’s program, we do a drone flight time contrast
  • [05:42] Our concern for today
  • [07:10] What flight time can you anticipate from a Phantom 4 Pro and an Inspire 2?
  • [07:40] DJI Phantom vs. Inspire– why the Phantom 4 Pro stays a seasonal preferred
  • [08:54] Why the Mavic 2 Business is NOT the best drone for mapping
  • [13:05] Are the drones these days wise adequate to fly back house in case of low battery?
  • [13:34] Apps that enable drone pilots to resume their objective after altering batteries mid-flight
  • [14:04] Finish Up– Paul shares some parting knowledge to assist Carl out

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