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ADU 01275: Can I utilize LiDAR/ RTK to an Inspire 2?

In today’s brief episode we go over if an LiDAR/RTK can be included on to an Inspire 2 and if there are advantages to doing so?

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Today’s concern is from Steve, who want to understand if it’s practical to include LiDAR to an I2 to produce mapping deliverables.

Thanks for the concern Steve. In this brief episode we rapidly respond to the concern if LiDAR/ RTK can be included on to an I2 for producing Mapping deliverables and if it is a practical choice for pilots. We resolve initially, the possible worth addition to the drone deliverable that a system can contribute to the I2 and if such a worth addition is really needed for mapping deliverables. We then go over possible obstacles that pilots can deal with by such an addition and the most significant concern of extra weight on the drone and its ramifications. Additionally, we go over choices for drone pilots to check out to guarantee comparable precision in deliverables however without jeopardizing flight times.

Tune in today to read more about the practicality of including such an add-on to your I2 and comprehend the advantages and compromises included.

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[2:39] Today’s concern– Can I utilize LiDAR/ RTK to an Inspire 2
[3:50] Does including a system include worth to the Inspire 2?
[5:21] LIDAR abilities and can the Inspire 2 make use of one? What ramifications does including systems trigger to the I2?
[8:08] Including GCPs and enhancing precision for a 3D design

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