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ADU1199: Is Drone Surveying a Possible Choice for Little Residences?

Today’s program has to do with utilizing drone surveying for actually little homes.

Our caller for today, Jerry wants to survey little homes with drones. However, is this even practical? While surveying with drones might be a cost-efficient for big systems of land, can you utilize this new-age innovation for smaller sized homes too?

We cover the essentials of photogrammetry, and share some fantastic suggestions to assist you grow and scale your drone surveying company in today’s program. Thanks for the fantastic concern, Jerry. Fly Safe!

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  • [01:17] Things that drone pilots ought to understand prior to making a venture into the surveying market
  • [03:12] Why drone surveying is here to remain
  • [04:46] Today’s concern has to do with utilizing drone surveying for actually little homes
  • [06:10] Difficulties that drone pilots deal with when flying in a city like Houston
  • [07:58] Back to the essentials– comprehending the basics of photogrammetry
  • [10:41] What are the jobs for a property surveyor and the difficulties included
  • [15:15] How to grow and scale your surveying company
  • [18:24] How to utilize LiDAR to map a location with thick plants
  • [22:22] Some fantastic company suggestions to conclude this program

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