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Alaska Cruise Loading List – What to Load for an Alaskan Cruise

How do you load for an Alaskan cruise? That is the concern. When loading for our very first Alaska cruise we needed to do some major thinking. Ever since, we have actually taken 2 other Alaskan cruises plus a cruise to Antarctica and Greenland, so we have actually found out a lot about loading for polar areas. When taking a trip to Alaska you need to be gotten ready for every kind of weather condition. Like other cruises, there are official nights and mixed drink nights, however in Alaska, days are more casual and the supper clothing is more unwinded. Alaska weather condition modifications rapidly, so you will require layers to handle and off as required.

Best Things to pack for an Alaskan Cruise

What To Load For An Alaska Cruise

Loading for a cruise holiday to Alaska is entirely various than a Caribbean cruise. Caribbean cruises are simple to load for. Include swimsuit, beachwear flip-flops, and a couple of clever attire for nights and you are excellent to go. When travelling to Alaska, you will have a mix of heat and winter, so you require to load layers.

Weather condition in Alaska can be unforeseeable, varying from warm and bright to cold and rainy, typically within the very same day. Likewise, onboard the ship, you’ll have a mix of casual and official occasions, and you might be taking part in coast adventures that exceed strolling trips. You may discover yourself on a zodiac or kayak in the middle of a Fjord.

alaska cruise packing list watch our video

To see precisely what we loaded for our Alaska Cruise avoid to:

We have actually taken 3 various Alaska cruises and our newest took us down the Within Passage of Southeast Alaska and British Columbia on the Nieuw Amsterdam ship by Holland America Cruise Line. This ship used the best mix of high-end with experience, however it makes loading a bit more included due to the fact that you’ll desire experience and activewear, however likewise some official and clever casual clothes. Do not fret, we have actually developed the supreme Alaska Cruise Loading list so you will be comfy and look excellent.

We have actually likewise taken a cruise to Alaska with Princess Cruises and UnCruise. Princess Cruises is extremely comparable to Holland America Cruise Line, however if you desire more of an exploration cruise on a little ship to Alaska, take a look at our experience with UnCruise.

Alaska Cruise Loading Tips– Layering

alaska cruise packing list people on ship

When loading for an Alaska cruise, it is necessary to think of layering. Southeast Alaska can be hot throughout the cruise season, however you are still going to be travelling Arctic waters near to glaciers and icebergs so you’ll desire both shorts and tee shirts with a mix of thermal layers and waterproof clothes.

Layered clothes: The weather condition in Alaska can alter quickly, and layering will permit you to adjust to differing conditions. Think about loading Tee shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts, and coats. Water resistant Trousers that transform to shorts are an excellent alternative for Alaska as you can alter rapidly.

Likewise keep in mind, if you are travelling early or later on in the Alaska cruise season, the weather condition will be cooler, so load some warm wool socks and a much heavier sweatshirt for your mid-layer.

On Deck

Alaska Cruise Packing List On Deck

Even if the sun is shining, there will be an extremely cool breeze. Basing on the deck you will wish to have windproof and water resistant layers with a hat and gloves.

You’ll wish to be comfy so you can truly take in the appeal of this unique scene. (do not be that person in shorts popping out for just 5 minutes due to the fact that he was too cold)

On Coast

what to pack for alaska cruise dave and deb

On land, it can be simply as unforeseeable. When stopping at various Alaska cruise ports, you will experience entirely various weather condition and coast adventures.

The weather condition can alter rapidly throughout the Alaska cruise season and it can be remarkably damp in the summer season. Juneau might be hot and pleasant while Ketchikan might be rainy and cold. In reality, Ketchikan is among the wettest locations in The United States and Canada. So, you’ll wish to have an external layer that is both windproof and water resistant, you’ll desire a mid-layer to keep you warm on cold days, however you’ll likewise desire summertime clothing for the odd lovely, and pleasant day.

Alaska Cruise Packaging List

Best Alaska Cruise Packing List

So, now that we comprehend the unpredictability of the weather condition in Alaska, here is a list of recommended products you might wish to load for your Alaska cruise.

When loading for Alaska, remember that you will desire layered clothes, water resistant outerwear, warm clothes, official clothing, and casual clothing and most notably do not forget comfy shoes. Plus, even if you remain in Alaska, does not suggest you will not be swimming or delighting in the jacuzzi, so make certain to load a swimwear!

Water Resistant Coat

what to pack for Alaska cruise vacation waterproof layer

An external water resistant layer is necessary if you wish to enjoy your Alaskan cruise to the max. We have actually ended up being huge fans of Fjällräven and this Fjallraven High Coast Coat is not just wind and water resistant, it looks clever also. So whether you are going on a forest walking or being in a historical saloon, you’ll look terrific.

Fleece Midlayer

what to pack for alaska fleece mid layer

Even in the middle of summertime, it can be cool, so having a clever mid-layer is an excellent concept. I discovered that I used my mid fleece layer all the time, so having one that functions as mid-layer however is likewise elegant adequate to endure its own is an excellent concept and Fjällräven has options for males and Women’s Fleece

Puffy Coat

what to pack for alaska cruise clothes puffy coat

On the water, you might wish to choose something a little warmer than a fleece mid-layer. We like our Canada Goose Hybridge puffy coat, however it is pricey. Dave likewise has this Marmot puffer coat and it works terrific. Use it under your windproof and waterproof coat or into town, in any case, it looks traditional. Purchase it on Amazon here.

Travelling Trousers

cruise clothes to pack for alaska trekking pants

Whether you are taking a whale-watching trip, treking to a glacier, or strolling through town, travelling trousers are terrific for an Alaska cruise. We like these Fjällräven Trousers due to the fact that they appear like a million dollars while still having toughness, breathability, and fast dry of efficiency wear. See it on Amazon here.

If you do not have water resistant trousers a minimum of strategy to have waterproof ones due to the fact that there is absolutely nothing even worse than perspiring and damp. If you do not have water resistant trousers, these treking pants are light-weight and quick-dry.

Travelling T-shirts

alaska cruise clothes for alaska trekking shirt

A great travelling t-shirt can function as clever casual eveningwear. This travelling t-shirt by Fjällräven is breathable and wicks away moisture for more daring adventures and activities while looking sufficient to use to the dining establishment in the evening. You can purchase it here.

Treking Boots

cruise alaska packing tips waterproof boots

If you prepare to do a great deal of glacier adventures, pet dog sledding, treking in the Tongass Forest, or going out on zodiacs, we extremely advise water resistant treking boots. We have actually likewise utilized water resistant shoes in Alaska. These water resistant boots are our go-to. Using treking boots offers you correct ankle assistance for unequal surface, and when landing on a glacier or going pet dog sledding, you can place on some wool socks and remain cozy warm.

Water Resistant Shoes

what to pack for alaska cruise waterproof shoes

You do not require to load heavy treking boots. If you are walking town or on the ship, these work fine also. We have actually even used simply water resistant shoes on adventures like whale enjoying because we aren’t entering into any muddy locations, however it still might be damp on the boat. If you aren’t doing significant activities, waterproof shoes will suffice.

We like Merrill brand name and Moab 3 water resistant treking shoe is what we use and it’s an excellent well-rounded shoe that will keep your feet warm and dry.

Gadgets and Equipment for Your Alaska Cruise

Alaska Cruise packing List Gadgets

Field Glasses

what to pack for an alaska cruise binoculars

You’ll likely see wildlife like eagles, whales, and bears, and field glasses can assist you get a better look. Even if you have a zoom lens, field glasses will truly assist take advantage of finding wildlife and taking in the appeal of glaciers and icebergs up close. We like these Tasco field glasses.

Video Camera There will be a lot of lovely landscapes to picture. We enter into video camera equipment even more below, however remember you will wish to have more than your mobile phone in Alaska. You’ll desire a zoom lens to record wildlife and a large angle lens to record the enormous glaciers and landscapes.

Lanyard for Cruise Liner Card

what to pack for an alaskan cruise lanyard

When going on a cruise, you will have a cruise card that you utilize to buy whatever. Even if you have an extensive plan, you will require to swipe your cruise card. We discovered that a lanyard works terrific to hold our cards so we do not need to bring around a back while on board. This plan provides 4 water resistant lanyards and travel luggage tags.

Magnet Hooks

pack for a cruise to alaska

There are never ever adequate hooks in cruise cabins and when travelling in Alaska, you are going to have more sweatshirts, coats, and layers spending time. Magnetic Hooks are an excellent concept as cruise liner walls are made from metal. You can put them on a wall and hang your clothing out of the method with ease.

Coffee Mug

what to pack for a cruise coffee mug

A refillable mug is a needs to when on a cruise. Unless you are buying a specialized coffee (or have a bundle) you’ll be utilizing the little mugs at dining establishments. With a mug, you can fill your coffee and bring it around the ship with you. We have actually discovered this to be important for coffee or tea drinkers. This customized insulated coffee mug is terrific for continuing the ship as it catches the experience.

Hanging Organizer

packing for a cruise to alaska toiletry bag

Restrooms can be little on a cruise liner and we like this hanging toiletry bag. We put whatever in it and it keeps our toiletries tidy and out of the method. We merely hang it on the back of the door or on the magnifying mirror when in usage. When completed we can zip it up and save it away. See more information.

Lanyard for Cellphone

cruise gadgets waterproof phone case

When on a ship, I truly like having a security hook on my phone or video camera. This water resistant drifting case is universal and will keep your phone dry while having it securely connected to your neck or wrist.

For more packaging ideas, read our short articles

Refillable Water Bottle

what to pack for an alaska cruise water bottle

Multiple-use Water Bottle: Remaining hydrated is necessary, particularly when you’re active and it’s an excellent method to have water on hand while on a cruise rather of continuously requiring to buy water.

Knapsack or Daypack

what to pack for an alaska cruise backpack

A little day pack is extremely beneficial for bring products throughout coast adventures. We advise a water resistant pack as it can drizzle a lot and if you are going to do whale enjoying or other adventures on the water, this will keep your belongings safe from sprinkling. Purchase it here.


what to pack for alaska cruise aviator sunglasses by rayban

Shades and Sun Block: The sun can be remarkably strong in Alaska, particularly when shown off of snow and water. We like the traditional Pilots by Rayban However the fact is, I simply put these in due to the fact that they are what I use, any sunglasses with correct UV security will work.

Chapstick and Hand Moisturizer

The consistent modification in Alaska weather condition can be difficult on your skin and lips. We like this travel-size Burt’s Bees fundamentals package that

Fashion Jewelry Organizer

cruise packing list jewelry organizers

As we pointed out above, Alaska cruises aren’t as official as Caribbean Cruises or other cruises all over the world, however there are still official nights and you can dress up as much as you like. To improve mixed drink gowns or official clothing, I like having an option of fashion jewelry, and keeping it arranged is crucial, particularly when remaining in little cabins. Having storage and company is crucial. See it here.

Cosmetic bag

what to pack for alaska cruise makeup organizer

Much like my fashion jewelry case, I like having my makeup and creams arranged. Having everything in an arranged location makes preparing simple. Inspect it out on Amazon.

Loading Cubes

how to pack for alaska cruise packing cubes

Loading Cubes have actually ended up being a staple for all our journeys. They keep clothes and equipment arranged and we utilize them for keeping laundry also. When you have actually taken a trip with packaging cubes, you’ll never ever return. Purchase them here.

Health and Disinfectant

what to pack for an alaskan cruise lavender spray

In today’s world of travelling, everybody is extremely knowledgeable about tidiness. Holland America Line (and other cruises such as Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean for that matter) are extremely knowledgeable about health and keeping guests safe with servers distributing food and plastic barriers covering the buffet.

However it is still an excellent concept to load a couple of travel fundamentals for health and cleansing. We like having this Anti-bacterial Spray — Lavender Aroma on hand and Travel Size Lysol Disinfectant Wipes constantly been available in convenient.

See more Tavel Equipment and Device Concepts at

Electronic devices packaging list for Alaska Cruise

Alaskan Cruise packing list Electronics

We bring a great deal of electronic devices. However we have actually detailed what we believe the majority of people must bring and will feel comfy with to record those remarkable minutes and remain linked. We have actually assembled specific things that specify for an Alaska cruise.

Belkin Mini Rise

what to pack for a cruise to Alaska belkin

You will wish to have your own numerous outlets to plug your electronic devices in as charging is restricted in cabins. This Belkin has 2 USB ports and 3 plugs, so you can charge numerous electronic devices while just using up one plug in the space.

Portable Disk Drive

what to pack for a cruise to alaska hard drive

You will wish to save your pictures nighttime. I have actually seen individuals lose their cams on an Alaska cruise and all of their memories went right into the water. This Samsung portable hard disk drive is so small, you’ll hardly see it in your carry-on and it holds 1 terabyte of memory.


what to pack for an alaska cruise iphone

We are iPhone users and the iPhone 14 Pro does an excellent task getting pictures and video on the fly. It has an excellent zoom to record wildlife and a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR screen including Always-On and Promo plus a 48MP Main video camera for as much as 4x higher resolution.

Portable Power Bank and USB Portable battery charger

what to pack for an alaska cruise portable charger

A portable battery charger is a staple in our travel equipment no matter where we go. I keep this in my bag at all times so I can charge my iPhone, cams, and GoPros. Think of lacking battery while on an expedition and you see something remarkable like a bear feeding upon salmon. I never ever need to fret when I have a portable battery charger with me. Purchase it here now.

Learn more to assist you with Electronic devices and Video Camera Equipment

Video Camera Equipment for Alaska Cruise

Camera Gear Packing List for an alaskan Cruise

An Alaska cruise is a journey of a life time and a location that you might just go to as soon as. You will desire more than an iPhone for your video camera equipment for an Alaska cruise. You will desire a minimum of a zoom lens for wildlife and a wide-angle lens for landscapes. I am a Sony person, so I have a complete list of video camera equipment that I take with me on my journeys, however here are some essentials you will desire for an Alaska cruise.

Video Camera Body

alaska cruise photography list sony camera

We utilize a total Sony System for travel and like it. I utilize a Sony A1 however that is unbelievably pricey and not required if photographing isn’t your task (or if you have cash to burn). A great alternative for a more budget friendly Mirrorless video camera is the Sony A7R IV The vibrant variety and the resolution of this video camera will record Alaska’s awesome landscapes wonderfully.

Here are some advised products to match your video camera for this journey:


what to pack for an alaskan cruise lenses

Wide-angle Lens: For recording sweeping landscapes and extensive views from the deck of the ship. Something like the Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM or the Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM would be perfect.

Telephoto Lens

what to pack for an alaskan cruise zoom lens

Telephoto Lens: To record wildlife at a range, think about a lens like the Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS If you require a lot more reach, the Sony FE 100-400mm F4.5– 5.6 GM OSS may be an excellent option.

To see more about travel photography equipment and my total video camera equipment list, see these short articles listed below.

GoPro Hero 11 Black

cruise packing list gopro

We never ever take a trip without a GoPro and the GoPro Hero 11 Black is the current design. GoPros are best for recording pictures and videos when on the water or when doing any experiences. If you are going dogsledding, doing a glacier landing, or kayaking, you will desire a GoPro. Nevertheless, I utilize my GoPro a lot when recording, even walking town.

GoPro Hero 11: A water resistant video camera is extremely advised. Possibilities are you will be out whale enjoying, zipping around Fjords, or merely out on the deck in the rain and we never ever take a trip without a GoPro.

Dave’s Alaska Cruise Clothing

Alaska Cruise Packing List Male

Now that you have a summary of the fundamentals for loading for Alaska cruises, we wish to break down precisely what we brought with us. You do not require to dress up in the evening if you aren’t intending on reserving specialized dining establishments or signing up with the official nights, however we state, “ You are on a cruise, why would not you get your fancy on for a night?” So we’re going to consist of official gown and dressing for land trips for both males and females.

For Nights

Alaska Cruise Packing List Formal Dress Men
  • 1 dark match
  • 1 Supper Coat or Vest
  • 2 gown t-shirts to blend and match with fits.
  • 2 ties
  • 2 casual/dress trousers
  • 3 clever t-shirts for suppers
  • 1 set of gown shoes

For OnBoard

Alaska cruise packing list onboard men
  • 1 set of denims
  • 3 t-shirts
  • swimwear
  • 1 set of exercise clothing
  • 2 set shorts
  • 2 tee shirts
  • 1 set flipflops
  • 1 set of casual shoes or tennis shoes

For On Land

Alaska Cruise packing list on Shore Men
  • 2 sets of waterproof or water resistant travelling trousers
  • 1 set of treking shoes or treking boots (Water resistant or a minimum of water resistant)
  • 2 travelling t-shirts

Outer Layers

  • Wool Hat
  • Water resistant coat
  • light set of gloves
  • Enthusiast

Deborah’s Alaska Cruise Clothing

what to pack for an alaska cruise female cruise clothes

For Nights

Alaska Cruise Packing List for Evenings Women

Alaska cruises tend to be more unwinded (official attire-wise) than other cruises. They aren’t stringent on gown code and you do not require to dress up a lot. However there are official nights and if you spend lavishly on among the specialized dining establishments you might wish to dress up. For me, part of the enjoyable of going on a cruise is having the ability to dress up so I loaded mixed drink gowns and high heels to boot!

  • 2 mixed drink gowns
  • 2 casual gowns
  • 2 sets of gown trousers
  • 2 blouses
  • 2 sets of gown shoes

On Board

alaska cruise packing list on board Women
  • 2 casual t-shirts
  • swimwear
  • flip flops
  • 2 sarongs
  • 1 set of exercise clothing
  • 1 set of yoga trousers

On Land

pack for Alaska cruise woman on Land
  • Fleece coat
  • 1 sets shorts
  • 2 Tee Shirts
  • Water Resistant Coat
  • Gloves
  • Wool Hat
  • 1 set denims

More Loading Tips for an Alaska Cruise

pack for Alaska cruise adventure clothing

The Above list of packaging for an Alaska cruise is particularly for a cruise part down southeast Alaska. This is the primary path the majority of cruise lines take and the path we handled all 3 of our Alaskan cruises.

It appears nearly difficult to load light for such a journey. It was an uphill struggle reducing our bags to consist of 1 luggage each.

However in general we were rather delighted with our packaging options. With simply a couple of changes, you will have the best packaging list for Alaska by gaining from our experience.

Last Ideas

what to pack for an Alaska cruise shore excurions

An Alaska cruise needs a bit more preparation than a Caribbean Cruise or perhaps a European River Cruise when it concerns packaging. You require a lot more layers and you truly require to think of water resistant and waterproof clothes.

You likewise wish to be comfy exercising in the health club, spending time the indoor pool, being in the lounge delighting in coffee or a glass of white wine, and looking excellent when visiting a Vegas-style program.

Loading for our Alaska cruises was absolutely a finding out experience for us. However the one note we have is you do not need to fret about overpacking. This is the one time we state, it’s alright to bring excessive. All your travel luggage is looked after for you so you can bring more travel luggage.

When you leave the airplane, you never ever need to fret about bring it once again and after that you remain in one cabin throughout of your cruise, so you can unload and take pleasure in. So bring what you desire and have an option of clothes. Half the enjoyable of going on a cruise is dressing up. Note: Simply make sure to contact your airline company for travel luggage limitations. The only thing you might need to fret about is needing to spend for excess luggage.

Strategy Your Next Journey to Alaska With These Resources

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