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AWS Week in Evaluation– Automate DLQ Redrive for SQS, Lambda Supports Ruby 3.2, and More– June 12, 2023 

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Today I’m boarding an aircraft for Madrid. I will go to the AWS Top Madrid this Thursday, and I will take Serverlesspresso with me. Serverlesspresso is a demonstration that we require to occasions, in where you can discover how to develop event-driven architectures with serverless. If you are going to an AWS Top, most likely you will discover among our cubicles.

Serverlesspresso at Madrid

Recently’s Launches
Here are some launches that got my attention throughout the previous week.

Amazon SQS — Consumers were extremely thrilled when we revealed the DLQ redrive for Amazon SQS as that function assisted them to quickly reroute the stopped working messages. Today we included assistance for AWS SDK and CLI for this function, permitting you to redrive the messages on the DLQ immediately, making it even much easier to utilize this function. You can check out Seb’s post about this brand-new function to discover how to start.

AWS Lambda— AWS Lambda now supports Ruby 3.2. Ruby 3.2 has numerous brand-new enhancements, for instance, passing confidential arguments to functions or having unlimited techniques. Have a look at this post that enters depth into each of the brand-new functions

Amazon Scams Detector Amazon Scams Detector supports occasion orchestration with Amazon EventBridge This is a really essential function due to the fact that now you can act upon the various occasions that Scams Detector gives off, for instance, send out alerts to various stakeholders.

AWS Glue— Today, AWS Glue made 2 essential statements. Initially, it revealed the basic schedule of AWS Glue for Ray, a brand-new information combination engine alternative for AWS Glue. Ray is a popular brand-new open-source calculate structure that assists designers to scale their Python work. In addition, AWS Glue revealed AWS Glue Information Quality, a brand-new ability that immediately determines and keeps track of information lake and information pipeline quality.

Amazon Elastic Container Computer System Registry (Amazon ECR) AWS Signer and Amazon ECR revealed a brand-new function that enables you to sign and validate container images You can utilize Signer to verify that just container images you have actually authorized are released in your Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) clusters.

Amazon QuickSight Amazon QuickSight now supports APIs to automate possession implementation, so you can reproduce the very same QuickSight possessions in several Areas and account quickly. You can learn more on how to utilize those APIs in this post

For a complete list of AWS statements, make certain to watch on the What’s New at AWS page.

Other AWS News
Some other updates and news that you might have missed out on:

Upcoming AWS Occasions
Inspect your calendars and register for these AWS occasions:

  • AWS Silicon Development Day (June 21)— A one-day virtual occasion that concentrates on AWS Silicon and how you can make the most of AWS’s distinct offerings. Find out more and register here
  • AWS International Tops — There are numerous tops going on today all over the world: Toronto ( June 14), Madrid ( June 15), and Milano ( June 22).
  • AWS Neighborhood Day— Sign up with a community-led conference run by AWS user group leaders in your area: Chicago ( June 15), Manila ( June 29– 30), Chile (July 1), and Munich ( September 14).
  • CDK Day CDK Day is taking place once again this year on September 29. The call for documents for this occasion is open, and this year we are likewise accepting talks in Spanish. Send your talk here

That recommends today. Inspect back next Monday for another Week in Evaluation!

This post belongs to our Week in Evaluation series. Inspect back every week for a fast roundup of intriguing news and statements from AWS!


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