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BENEFIT: Drone Life News 003 – FAA’s TRUST Test, Drone Market News, Autel’s Increasing Appeal, BVLOS Flights

In the 3rd edition of Drone Life News, Paul and Miriam McNabb of DroneLife and JobforDrones talk about a few of the current and most interesting news from the world of drones.

Our greatest story today has to do with the FAA TRUST Test and Drone U being among the choose couple of service providers of the examination

We talk about the current patterns in the drone market and the rising market share of market gamers such as Autel. Other subjects consist of BVLOS flights and how this will ultimately result in larger adoption of drones.

In other discussions we likewise talk about regulative committees and their impact and effect on the drone market Definitely, you do not wish to miss out on any sector of the program.

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  • [00:31] All you would like to know about the FAA TRUST examination
  • [02:23] The frustrating reaction to Drone U’s FAA TRUST examination
  • [04:16] The altering characteristics of the drone market and the rising development of non-DJI drones
  • [05:43] DJI’s market share and the heightening competitors
  • [06:37] The increasing use of drones for particular markets and applications
  • [08:00] Autel’s blossoming market share; do we lastly have a worthwhile DJI rival?
  • [08:58] What are a few of the greatest factors behind Autel’s increasing appeal?
  • [11:33] DJI security issues and how they are affecting the marketplace leader’s so-far dominant position
  • [13:56] BVLOS flights and DroneUp’s development in this sector
  • [18:10] Regulative committees, their impact and effect on the future of the drone market

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