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Benefit: Interview with Trent Casi, Drone U’s brand-new sales director for PROPS program, on Wingtra, most current in the drone market and more!!

Today’s program is a special one as we are signed up with by Trent Casi, Drone U’s brand-new sales director for the PROPS platform

Trent has numerous years of sales experience couple together with deep understanding of how the drone market runs and we enjoy to have him on board. However today’s episode is not simply another business statement episode, we go over with Trent about his sales experience, things he has actually observed in the drone market and tech advancement and likewise his insights on flights, Information, service development and more!!

Join us as we go over about Trent’s experience, his insights on the Wingtra drone and platform, the speed of tech advancement in the drone market and what depends on the future. We likewise go over in information about brand-new chances for drone pilots and how to best sales in the drone market.

In our last section we likewise go over how drone pilots can grow their service and cover lots of important locations about running an effective scalable drone service. Tune in Today!!

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[00:44] Trent’s intro and his function with Drone U and what we have actually gained from dealing with Trent
[01:24] Discover More about Trent, his background and abundant experience in the drone market
[03:31] Paul and Trent go over the speed of the innovation modifications in the drone market such and brand-new addition to the PROPS platform
[03:54] Conversations on Wingtra and Wingtra center and what can be achieved with information offered.
[09:55] Information on what Wingta drone can achieve, prices and innovation
[12:56] Is the Wingtra the very best drone for farming applications?
[17:28] Discover More about Trent’s function and deal with Drone U in the PROPS program
[21:00] Conversation on brand-new facilities expense and advantages to the drone market
[24:55] Trent shares his suggestions to grow your drone service
[33:10] Do clients worth authentic feedback throughout a sales pitch?

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