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BONUS OFFER: Interview with PJ Kirkpatrick, Drone U’s Director of Operations and his take on the drone market and drone training

Today’s program is a special one as we are signed up with by PJ Kirkpatrick, our brand-new Director of Operations. PJ is not brand-new to those who have actually been members with Drone U or have actually taken a few of his in-person classes. PJ features years of experience in the drone market, having actually trained private and business customers over a variety of domains. In our program today PJ shares his experiences, his beliefs and what delights him about his brand-new function at Drone U and PROPS programs Paul, Rob and PJ likewise go over specifics of the drone training market and share their views on providing Drone U courses, in-person training, finest drones to fly and what makes a reliable fitness instructor and why training is necessary for success in the drone market.

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[01:40] Find Out About our Director of Operations, PJ Kirkpatrick

[05:15] PJ’s fascinating drone experiences in the market

[9:33] PJ discusses his experience about being a Drone U fitness instructor and PROPS training

[14:06] What drives PJ and what makes an effective fitness instructor?

[16:47] PJ weighs in on where the market is heading and what value training keeps in an in-person or virtual environment

[21:40] PJ discusses the verticals and organization domains that he will be concentrating on as part of his function at Drone U

[26:42] PJs preferred drones

[31:30] PJs preferred dessert

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