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“Confederate History Month” provides a Florida public school instructor a reason to honor the losers

A public school instructor in Naples, Florida, shared pro-Confederate propaganda with their trainees since of the wonderful losers. In addition to applaud for secessionist garbage, the school instructor rebranded the Civil War as “The War to Avoid Southern Self-reliance.” Regional moms and dads were annoyed, and the school district is, obviously, examining.

April is Florida’s “Confederate History Month.”


An instructor at a Collier County school is dealing with reaction from moms and dads after they revealed a video commemorating “Confederate History Month” to the whole school.

The video aired as part of the early morning statements on Tuesday at Manatee Intermediate school, according to a district representative.

” If you didn’t understand, April is a formally popular month here in the State of Florida called Confederate History Month,” the instructor stated in the video.

The school district would not recognize who the instructor is however stated they are examining.

” Every year our state commemorates and memorializes that worthy, brave battle and the many sacrifices by our males and females throughout that referred to as the Civil War,” stated the instructor in the video.

The instructor costs the video as a check out the state’s acknowledgment of Confederate History Month.

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