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Connecticut Amends Doctor Noncompete Law and Includes Protection for Nurse Specialists and Doctor Assistants

Connecticut’s legislature has actually changed the state’s doctor noncompete law to attend to extra limitations on doctor noncompete arrangements. ( Public Act No. 23-97). In addition, Connecticut has actually extended noncompete limitations to sophisticated practice signed up nurses (nurse professionals) and doctor assistants. Guv Lamont is anticipated to sign the modification, however has actually not yet done so.

Additional Limitations on Doctor Noncompetes

In 2016, Connecticut considerably restricted using doctor noncompete arrangements by needing that such arrangements got in, changed, extended or restored after July 1, 2016, be rendered space if (i) the noncompete duration went beyond one year; and (ii) it included a geographical scope surpassing 15 miles from the doctor’s “main website” of practice. In addition, the 2016 law rendered doctor noncompetes unenforceable if the company ended the doctor without cause, or if a noncompete arrangement ended and the company did not provide to restore the noncompete upon the “exact same or comparable conditions” unless the arrangement was gone into in reflection of collaboration or ownership.

The brand-new modification enforces extra requirements on doctor noncompetes. A noncompete arrangement that is participated in, changed, extended or restored on or after October 1, 2023, will be void if (i) the doctor does not accept a proposed product modification to the settlement terms prior to or at the time of extension or renewal; and (ii) the agreement ends and is not restored by the company or the work or the legal relationship is ended by the company, unless such work or legal relationship is ended by the company for cause. These brand-new limitations on doctor noncompetes do not use to doctor groups of 35 or less doctors that have bulk ownership consisting of doctors.

In addition, the modification needs that the noncompete arrangement specify the main website of practice for functions of the geographical constraint. This must lead to less conflicts worrying a doctor’s main practice website, however will lead to less versatility for companies that eventually throughout the relationship need doctors to operate at other websites that were not considered upon finalizing.

Nurse Specialists and Doctor Assistants Now Covered by Connecticut Noncompete Law

Since October 1, 2023, arrangements with nurse professionals and doctor assistants will be covered by the noncompete law in the exact same way as arrangements with doctors. Nevertheless, unlike the little doctor group exception that uses to the latest limitations on doctor noncompetes, all companies, no matter size and structure, are needed to adhere to all of the brand-new noncompete limitations for nurse professionals and doctor assistants. Subsequently, the requirement connecting to the requirement to accept a proposed product modification to settlement prior to or at the time of extension or renewal applies to all companies of nurse professionals and doctor assistants, even little doctor group companies.


The modification shows a considerable modification to Connecticut law, especially since it includes nurse professionals and doctor assistants to those covered by the law. Furthermore, it appears that the “suggested product modification to the settlement terms” language is meant to clarify that settlement makes all the distinction when making a renewal proposition, which it is insufficient that the proposed renewal terms lead to the “exact same or comparable conditions” when seen in their totality.

Under the “material modification to the settlement terms” requirement, a noncompete might not be enforceable where a company used considerably much better non-monetary conditions in exchange for materially less settlement; while such a proposition may render the conditions of work to be the exact same or comparable, the noncompete obviously would not make it through under the brand-new modification. Additional case law advancements must clarify this language, and what would lead to a “material modification” to settlement.

Our Healthcare and Labor and Work practice groups are keeping an eye on these advancements carefully and will continue to offer updates. In the meantime, our lawyers are readily available to help you with examining your existing noncompete arrangements and getting ready for the brand-new modification’s reliable date.

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