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EDL 004: Raising Drone Life: Interview with Glenn Labay and the art of being fantastic at what you do

Welcome to Raising Drone Life, the podcast for drone specialists !!

We are very thrilled to reveal the launch of Raising Drone Life, our brand-new podcast program hosted by PJ Kirkpatrick, Director of Operations, Drone U.

Raising Drone Life is a podcast for drone specialists by drone specialists. It is a podcast that takes you on a journey through the interesting and ever-evolving world of drone innovation.

Weekly, we’ll be consulting with specialists from all strolls of the drone market, Drone U Elite Instructors and members to learn more about their experiences, insights, and ideas for success. We’ll check out the current patterns in drone innovation, dive into real-world applications, and reveal the distinct obstacles and chances dealing with today’s drone pilots.

On our program today, we speak with experienced pilot and drone operator Glenn Labay, owner of aerialcamservice.com and Drone U Elite Pilot and discover his technique to drone flying, customer management, devices and the art of succeeding in drone organization.

Glenn includes years of experience in drone piloting and running effective organization and shares his understand all with PJ on our program today. Glenn speak about how he entered into the world of drones, his deal with his very first drone and how he keeps a frame of mind that enables him to continually grow and check out brand-new chances. Find out how Glenn utilizes hacks to enhance client experience and boost organization. Glenn likewise shares his insights on devices, flight practice time and shares the advantages of ingenious in the drone world. Last but not least listen what encourages Glenn to train pilots through the charge effort and what keep Glenn standing out through every drone task.

Tune in to this program as we check out the interesting world of drone innovation and find the remarkable insights from Glenn in the drone market.

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[01:53] Find Out About Glenn– Our visitor for today
[08:48] Glenn discuss the significance of practice and muscle memory
[09:48] Drone U Elite experience and Glenn’s experience with being a fee pilot
[11:03] Cinematography tasks and marketing production videos for customers
[15:08] The significance of having the ideal devices for numerous tasks and being proficient at your work
[19:33] Glenn shares the advantages of being ingenious with production shipment
[27:49] What encourages Glenn to train others

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