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Egypt Attains Record Potato Exports To Southeast Asia In The Middle Of Increasing Regional Need

Found in the northeastern corner of Africa, Egypt exported over 17,000 tonnes of potatoes to Southeast Asian nations in 2015 and which signed up a 120 percent YoY increase in regards to potato exports.

Realities And Figures

According to a story reported by East Fruit news company, Egypt saw a substantial rise in exports of potatoes to Southeast Asia in 2022. A take a look at the information exposes that the North African country exported over 17,000 tonnes of potatoes to Southeast Asian nations in 2022. This shows a 120% boost in potato exports when compared to the information of 2021 and an 18-fold boost when compared to the information of 2020.

Indonesia: The Biggest Purchaser Of Egyptian Potatoes

Indonesia stayed the biggest purchaser of Egyptian potatoes in 2022 with information highlighting Indonesia’s import volumes more than doubling compared to in 2015.

Indonesia is the biggest manufacturer of potatoes in Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, regardless of this, the Southeast Asian nation imports 40,000 tonnes– 80,000 tonnes of potatoes every year.

Malaysia Experienced A Sharp Decrease In Potato Imports

While Egypt’s potato exports to Indonesia increased, the Malaysian market saw a sharp decrease. Nevertheless, the Southeast area as an entire, consisting of Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines imported bulk volumes of potatoes owing to gradually growing usage supported by the area’s growing tourist market.

Why Does Southeast Asia Imports Potatoes?

Nations in the Southeast Asian area deal with difficulties in regards to potato production due to the area’s tropical environment, identified by weather condition variations and pest-related concerns.

Talking especially of Indonesia, the event of upas dew, or harmful (lethal) dew, damages and damages crops relying on the season. This is the reason Southeast Asia needs to import potatoes and witnesses an irregular boost in potato imports throughout particular months of the year.

The Bottom Line

Found in Africa, Egypt has actually experienced a substantial rise in exports of potatoes mainly due to a boost in need from Southeast Asian countries. According to information, potato exporters from the North African country exported over 17,000 tonnes of potatoes in 2022, showing a 120% increase as compared to 2021 and an 18-fold increase as compared to 2020. This rise in deliveries of potatoes from Egypt to Southeast Asia has actually made the Southeast Asian area the fourth-largest market for Egyptian potatoes, after Russia, the European Union, and the Gulf States.

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