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Examination discovered no proof of LockBit breach

Cybersecurity company Darktrace states it discovered no proof that the LockBit ransomware gang breached its network after the group included an entry to their dark web leakage platform, indicating that they took information from the business’s systems.

Hours after the gang declared DarkTrace as a victim on their information leakage website, the business carried out an examination and discovered no proof of a breach of their systems.

” Our security groups have actually run a complete evaluation of our internal systems and can see no proof of compromise,” Darktrace stated.

On Friday, the business’s Chief Info Gatekeeper Mike Beck repeated the exact same conclusion after a comprehensive examination of their systems.

” We have actually finished a comprehensive security examination following the other day’s tweets by LockBit declaring they had actually jeopardized Darktrace’s internal systems,” stated Beck

” We can verify that there has actually been no compromise of our systems or any of our affiliate systems. Our service to our clients stays continuous and is running as typical and no more action is needed.”

It is now obvious that LockBit screwed up, complicated Darktrace with risk intelligence business DarkTracer which tweeted about the gang’s leakage website being flooded with phony victims.

” The dependability of the RaaS service run by LockBit ransomware gang appears to have actually decreased,” DarkTracer stated.

” They appear to have actually ended up being irresponsible in handling the service, as phony victims and worthless information have actually started to fill the list, which is being left ignored.”

LockBit Darktrace fake leak
LockBit Darktrace phony leakage (BleepingComputer)

This is not the very first time LockBit declared they ‘d breached a cybersecurity business’s systems by error or deliberately.

In 2015, in June, the ransomware gang likewise included Mandiant to their leakage site, stating that more than 350,000 files they had actually apparently taken would be released.

Nevertheless, as it occurred with Darktrace, Mandiant informed BleepingComputer that it had not discovered any proof of a breach.

In the end, LockBit’s claims that they hacked Mandiant shown to be absolutely nothing more than a weak effort to range the operation from the Evil Corp cybercrime gang following a Mandiant report connecting the 2 after Evil Corp changed to releasing LockBit ransomware in their attacks to avert U.S. sanctions.

Unlike today, when Darktrace was noted as a victim due to the fact that of confusion, Mandiant being tagged as a victim was triggered by LockBit’s worries of lost income if victims stopped paying ransoms given that the U.S. federal government approved Evil Corp in December 2019.

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