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How to Connect to Brands As a Micro Influencer

  • Micro influencers are pitching brand names and landing rewarding paid collaborations.
  • Some slide into a brand name’s DMs while others produce and send out a media package.
  • A number of micro influencers shared design templates they utilize, consisting of one that assisted land 40 brand name offers

The developer economy has actually grown a lot there are now various tiers– nano influencers, micro influencers, macro influencers, and mega influencers. The micro influencer tier in specific is quickly broadening its earning capacity as individuals with a couple of thousand fans are being provided rewarding partnerships with brand names like Adidas, Banana Republic, and Toyota.

Micro influencers are typically specified in the market as those with as much as 100,000 fans on a social-media platform like TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube. Lots of brand names have gravitated towards these type of influencers due to the fact that they frequently have high engagement rates and charge less to partner with than celebs.

Expert consulted with 22 micro influencers, who broke down the leading brand names they deal with.

Check Out 7 leading brand names to pitch as a micro influencer, from Dunkin’ to Mejuri.

Lillian Zhang, a micro influencer whose material concentrates on college and early-career task guidance, landed her very first paid offer when she had just 10,000 fans. Prior to connecting to brand names, she completely investigates them to find out how her material harmonizes their worths and examine just how much she can make.

” If you do not have a strong grasp on these principles ahead of time, it is extremely simple to get lowballed,” she formerly informed Expert.

She utilizes TikTok, where she’s accumulated around 40,000 fans, to message brand names she wishes to deal with.

Have a look at the precise DM she utilized to get her very first paid brand name offer and her guidance for pitching.

While DMing on a social-media platform is the favored technique of outreach for some influencers, others have actually produced their own media sets, which are files that frequently consist of details like engagement information, previous partnerships and press, and a bio. It’s such a popular tool amongst influencers that in 2015, Instagram revealed it would let some users develop media sets within the social-media platform.

Twenty-two-year-old Jour’ dan Haynes utilized an easy, one-page media package to land her very first paid partnership when she had 2,000 fans on Instagram. She’s because grown her platform to 6,100 fans, broadened her package to 3 pages, and teamed up with brand names like Hamburger King and Garnier.

Search the precise 3-page media package she connects when emailing brand names.

Other developers have e-mail design templates they tailor based upon the brand name and what they desire the collaboration to appear like.

Julie Tecson, who’s developed a following of 7,100 Instagram fans, curated 3 various e-mail design templates– one for an individual job, one for an occasion, and one for a style job. She stated it was quite simple to discuss why business chosen dealing with micro influencers like her over those with countless fans.

” If a brand name can have a little developer make them a remarkable TikTok video in exchange for simply one item, that’s method less expensive than hiring an entire studio to make them video material,” she formerly informed Expert.

Here are the various design templates she utilizes for herself and other customers.

Expert consulted with 22 micro influencers who have actually pitched brand names and landed paid partnerships utilizing numerous design templates and files.

Micro influencer media package examples:

Email design templates developers utilize to pitch brand names:

How influencers DM brand names on social networks:

Other kinds of files developers utilize for brand name offers:

This post has actually been upgraded with brand-new details and examples.

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