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How web GDE Erick Wendel permanently altered Node.js with the assistance of the open-source neighborhood– Google for Developers Blog Site

Published by Kevin Hernandez, Designer Relations Neighborhood Supervisor

Have you ever dealt with bugs on innovations understood worldwide? What did you do?

If you are Erick Wendel, Web GDE, you roll up your sleeves and discover a service to a bug that has actually been pestering huge tech business.

Erick is a community-driven designer who got his start in the field through a software application neighborhood that utilized to use totally free courses in his house nation of Brazil. This experience triggered an enthusiasm for open-source tasks and cooperation that assisted him fix a problem within Node.js that impacted how subprocesses operate in the runtime. Erick continued with his spirit of sharing understanding by describing precisely how he resolved the bug in an in-depth YouTube video (in Portuguese).

image of Erick Wendel, Web GDE, speaking at the FrontInSampa conference
Erick Wendel, Web GDE, speaking at the FrontInSampa conference

The bug

In Node.js, there’s a module called kid procedure which permits you to produce jobs in other functions so you process information in the background. This procedure utilizes more power from your device and in websites, enabling pages to pack much faster. When attempting to import modules in JavaScript, there are 2 primary methods to pack those modules:

  1. CommonJS: scripts require to be filled in a particular series. This approach obstructs the program till all modules are filled because series.
  2. ECMAScript Modules: enables JavaScript to pack modules asynchronously, therefore avoiding the stopping of the program as it’s packing files.

While producing an instructional class for his trainees, Erick was utilizing Node.js’ kid procedure module and attempting to arrange a function that would be performed in the background. Working properly, the moms and dad procedure must’ve sent out messages to the program running in the background as quickly as calling the function. While doing this, he discovered that he was getting a mistake and even reworded his code numerous times. Erick was 100% particular that his code must’ve been working however in spite of his self-confidence, he continued to get a mistake. So he believed to himself, “What if I put a setTimeout function here simply to wait a bit and after that request the occasions. Then it worked!” Erick understood this remained in truth a genuine bug and went directly to the Node.js’ GitHub repo to open an concern and dealt with other factors to find out the very best service.

Discovering a service

After Erick’s Eureka minute, he wished to make certain that this wasn’t a problem that was just impacting him. “When I Googled this issue, I discovered these problems on Facebook Jest, Yarn, and other huge libraries that anybody running JavaScript may utilize,” he found. As a champ of open-source tasks and cooperation, Erick produced an concern on Node.js’ GitHub and went over the concern while other factors likewise took part.

When inquired about the resources he utilized to repair this bug, Erick rapidly discusses the open-source neighborhood. He spoke with Anna Henningsen, among the most essential Node.js factors, in his viewpoint. His proposed concept was to present a brand-new occasion in the kid procedure module that would’ve signaled users when the occasion was “all set”. Nevertheless, as Anna explained, this would’ve caused modifications that would’ve needed the neighborhood to discover how to utilize this brand-new procedure. Rather she proposed, “What if you simply enqueue all the messages and when the kid procedure is all set, you dispatch them all?” This was the type of cooperation that he pursues and this service by Anna would’ve repaired the bug without breaking all applications that utilize Node.js.

Anna provided tremendous assistance and instantly after opening the conversation in GitHub, members of the neighborhood discussed the task and provided their input. He remembers, “After I sent the very first variation of my service, lots of factors were examining my code and stating, ‘No, no, this is not the proper way, you must repair this, this is an efficiency issue, and so on’ So I got a great deal of feedback, discovered a lot, and it was lastly authorized!” Without the assistance of the open-source neighborhood, he would’ve dealt with a service that would’ve produced more problems. Rather, the neighborhood explained his blind areas and this cooperation permitted a smooth service.

With Erick’s service, Node.js can efficiently run background jobs utilizing ECMAScript modules and big business have Erick and the open-source neighborhood to thank for resolving a problem that has actually been around given that the start of Node.js.


Considering that resolving this concern, Erick has actually ended up being a Node.js core member where he evaluates pull demands, participates in conversations, and is considered a prominent designer in the area. Erick has actually likewise been welcomed to conferences all around the world to discuss open-source advancement and his experience.

Erick wishes to include presence to the power of open-source tasks and implores everybody, trainees and experts alike, to assist with open-source. These tasks have actually assisted him with his objectives of making an imprint on the planet and he mentions, “I wish to put my name on something that individuals will keep in mind permanently. I would state this is the power of open-source. You can include concepts or attempt repairing something and this can make you a much better designer and a much better individual.”

Erick is continuing to fix issues ( his most recent service repaired a bug in Node.js with a single line of code), discover, inform through his YouTube channel, and is anticipating the next huge difficulty.

Erick’s thank yous

Erick wishes to thank the open-source neighborhood and in specific, Anna Henningsen and Rich Trott for their assistance and contributions to this service. In his words, “I understand that for those knowledgeable Node.js partners, this bug would have been repaired in simply a matter of minutes and they let me assist and offer my finest. This is a lesson I’ll constantly keep in mind.”

You can discover Erick on Twitter, GitHub and YouTube where he released a detailed tutorial (in Brazilian Portuguese) on how he repaired this bug and likewise provided a summed up computerese sharing his journey.

The Google Designer Professionals (GDE) program is an international network of extremely knowledgeable innovation specialists, influencers, and believed leaders who actively support designers, business, and tech neighborhoods by speaking at occasions and releasing material.

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