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IFOY Test Report: Airrob by Libao

As we move inexorably towards the minute when the IFOY Awards are distributed in Dortmund on June 22nd, we continue our take a look at all of the 2023 finalists and share the decision from the IFOY test carried out throughout the examination by a professional jury in March. Our next entry is the A irrob container dealing with robotic system from Zhejiang Libiao Robots Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Libiao Robots created the world’s very first sortation robotics 5 years earlier; now they have actually developed another brand-new robotic system called Airrob container dealing with robotic system. The robotics can climb up racks, and shop, choice, sort, and move plastic containers, and the climbing up robotic can move vertical and horizontal instructions easily. It is a basic, effective and versatile system for the fulfilment centre or the work-line-side storge system.

Classification: Intralogistics Robotic

IFOY Test Report

Libiao Robotics has actually been chosen for an IFOY AWARD with its Airrob, a “climbing up” container robotic. Its optimum load capability is 25kg.

The system appropriates for the huge bulk of all containers in this weight class, about 95% according to the producer, and practically all racks. It permits a fast and simple setup, even when retrofitting existing storage facilities. Changes to the flooring are not needed. Nevertheless, horizontal rails need to be connected to the rack, over which the Airrob takes a trip along the rack. The optimum speed of the robotic is 2m/s.

The Airrob is connected to a light-weight frame that moves along the horizontal rails through the aisle. This style permits the robotic to “climb up” up the racks and shop or recover the right container on the rack at any wanted area. Each bin is therefore straight available at all times.

The frame is versatile and instantly gets used to the position of the robotic. This makes sure high dependability and quickly, hassle-free and steady transportation of packages.

The system appropriates for acquire to 12m high. In this case, nevertheless, Libiao installs 2 Airrobs on top of each other, as this needs less change.

A distinct function is the hook system utilized to move the cages in and out of the racks. The hook moves within the shapes of the robotic, which does not permeate the racks. This permits packages to be kept incredibly compact. The hook system appropriates for dealing with totes on both sides of an aisle. This restricts the aisle width to about 85cm.

The idea is lighter than a miniload, a multishuttle or a self-governing case robotic (ACR). This is among the reasons energy intake is low. Intake might not be determined by the IFOY test group, however according to the producer, the cost savings compared to completing services is more than 30%.

The battery constructed into the Airrob is maintenance-free and is charged when the tablet is turned on and off; according to the non-sliding touch charging concept. The rack on which the Airrob is installed is powered by mains electrical power.

In the Choose&& Go setups throughout IFOY TEST DAYS, the Airrob dealt with the producer’s AMRs, however other setups are likewise possible.

The idea is especially appropriate for micro-fulfilment centres and can likewise be utilized in ambient temperature levels as low as -20 ° C, for instance in cold shops.

IFOY test decision: The Libiao Airrob container dealing with system can set a brand-new requirement for mobile robotics and basically alter existing services. The Airrob is affordable, scalable, and effective. The system conserves area and labour. The distinct hook system ensures high storage density.

IFOY Development Examine

Market importance: The Airrob option addresses by hand ran storage facilities that are to be automated cost-effectively utilizing existing racking facilities and possibly inhomogeneous container systems. With an ROI of one to 2 years for the 10 setups presently on the marketplace, the Airrob system is an appealing choice for brownfield automation in varied markets such as storage facility logistics, e-commerce, or production. Airrob can be utilized for rack heights in between approx. 2m and 14m and is currently cost-effective in smaller sized storage facilities beginning at 100 sq m. The marketplace capacity is high due to the high versatility of the system, the comparably low expenses, the wide variety of applications in addition to around the world marketing partners.

Consumer advantage: The best advantage of Airrob is its versatility and flexibility for usage in existing storage facilities without changing existing facilities. This likewise leads to workable financial investment expenses, which need to be a portion of completely automated systems. Set-up and commissioning remain in the series of one to 4 weeks. Due to the modularity, extra robotics can be momentarily incorporated for more throughput at peak times. Compared to comparable services on the marketplace, Airrob is stated to take in 30% less energy. In addition, the system is quickly recyclable in other running environments.

Novelty/ Development: Airrob stands apart for its simpleness of style, which allows high performance and toughness at low expense. Nonetheless, a number of ingenious information have actually been carried out for the applicability in a vast array of by hand run storage facilities. The vertical guide is flexibly installed on 2 horizontal rails on the rack, so that even likely racks can be approached with the proper disposition. An easy hook system permits access to different basic containers from 2 parallel racks. Unlike similar services, a fast-charging system makes sure 24/7 operation of the choice robotic, so less choice robotics are required in general.

Performance/ Kind of execution: The choice robotic, a kind of stacker crane, is developed to be easy and useful, making it possible for a quick gain access to time of about 30 seconds to the totes weighing as much as 25kg. The throughput of containers can be scaled flexibly by dividing the jobs in between the choice robotic on the rack and the mobile transportation robotics. With a temperature level variety in between -20 ° C and 50 ° C, freezer applications are likewise possible.

Decision: With Airrob, existing rack storage systems for any basic containers can be automated really cost-effectively. The quickly retrofittable and technically minimalist option for getting rid of totes from heights of as much as 14m, in combination with a fleet of mobile transportation robotics, allows substantial performance gains compared to manual storage facility management. Technical highlights consist of the easy however universal gripper for dog crate elimination and return, adaptivity to common real-world conditions such as sloping rack layers, and a fast-charging function for 24/7 operation.

Market importance ++
Consumer advantage ++
Novelty/ Development +
Performance/ Kind of execution ++
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