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Media.net Interview Experience for SDE

I just recently had an interview with Media.net for the position of Software application Engineer intern. The interview was arranged after I got a call.

Previous Experience:
Btech from tier 2
Operating in a little product-based business.


2 shows concerns which were fairly simple, medium level

2nd Round

  • This round was with a Sr. Software application Engineer. likewise asked one coding concern
  • 2 DSA concerns => > Easy to moderate
  • 2 SQL inquiry
  • 1 MongoDB inquiry
  • Couple of CS basic concerns

3rd Round

This was the CTO/HR round, he inquired about previous experience and work for about 15 minutes with great deals of cross-questioning, then offered 1 DSA concern it was of moderate level though my code stopped working on one edge case.
2nd was a conversation on the System style of a Talking Application like Whatsapp

Last Upgraded:
23 May, 2023

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