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National Earnings at Current Cost and Consistent Cost

National Earnings at Current Cost

National Earnings at Current Cost is the financial worth of the completed items and services produced by regular locals of a country in a year, determined at the existing year’s costs. For instance, think about computing India’s National Earnings for 2020-21 at 2020-21 costs. It is frequently described as Small National Earnings and does not precisely show the financial development of the nation since any boost in small nationwide earnings might be because of an increase in the rate level with no modification in physical output. For that reason, to remove the effect of rate modifications, nationwide earnings is likewise determined at a continuous rate.

National Earnings at Consistent Cost

National Earnings at Consistent Cost is the financial worth of the completed items and services that regular nation locals produce in a year when determined at base year costs. A base year is a routine year that is devoid of rate variations. In India, 2011– 2012 is now utilized as the base year. For instance, India’s nationwide earnings in 2020– 21 will be described as its National Earnings at Consistent Cost, if it is determined utilizing the costs in 2011– 2012.

It is likewise described as Genuine National Earnings as it reveals the real photo of a nation’s financial development since any increase in genuine nationwide earnings is just due to a boost in output.

Why and how to determine National Earnings at the costs of the Base Year?

The requirement to determine nationwide earnings at consistent costs develops since if costs are continuously increasing or falling, there may be a possibility that nationwide earnings at the existing rate supplies a deceptive photo of financial efficiency. Nevertheless, with India’s high rate of inflation, small nationwide earnings might supply an incorrect sense of financial development.


As displayed in the above table, at the exact same output level, nationwide earnings in 2020– 21 is 35,000 at existing year costs and 27,000 at base year costs. The 8,000 distinction is not genuine. It does not precisely show financial development since the boost is simply due to an increase in costs. As an outcome, genuine financial development can just be determined utilizing nationwide earnings at consistent costs.

How to transform National Earnings at the Present Cost into a Continuous Cost?

This can be done by getting rid of the impacts of rate modifications on nationwide earnings with the assistance of a appropriate Cost Index A cost index is an index number that reveals the shift in the rate level in between 2 various time periods. It suggests whether the boost or reduce in the nationwide earnings from one year to the next is genuine or not. It is done utilizing the following formula:

National~Income~at~Constant~Price=frac{National~Income~at~Current~Price }{Current~Price~Index}times{100}


If the rate index for the existing year (2020-21) is 200 and the nationwide earnings at existing rate is 1,00,000 crores, then determine the nationwide earnings at consistent rate.


National~Income~at~Constant~Price=frac{1,00,000 }{200}times{100}

National Earnings at Consistent Cost = 50,000 Crores

Distinction in between National Earnings at Current Cost and Consistent Cost

Difference between National Income at Current Price and Constant Price

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