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Permit Elements and Fullstack Authorization with Or Weis

Permissions are Hard! And they are becoming harder as we move more into the Cloud-native ecosystem. If we go back in time to the point where it was just a single monolith that you were building on your own. You’ll probably have a framework to manage the permissions for you. But when you are working with distributed microservices, especially if you are a polyglot, you can’t use those solutions anymore. So you end up having to sprinkle a bit of access control into every little microservice and component that you build. In addition, with the scale of modern applications, it’s no longer just your services, there are a lot of third-party services that you have to connect to. Think about things like authentication, billing, analytics and other stuff that you combine from eternal services into what you are building.

Permit.io empowers developers to bake in permissions and access control into any product in minutes and takes away the pain of constantly rebuilding them. Or Weis is the co-founder and CEO of Permit.io and joins us today.

Full disclosure: Permit.io is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily.

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