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Remodelista Reconnaissance: Provençal-Yellow Tiles in a French Hotel

The tiled tabletops and restroom vanities at Hotel Le Moulin have us wishing to include ochre tiles to our own locations. However where to source them? Let’s learn.

The Sighting

hotel le moulin in provence by beaumier 89 Above: Glazed tiles in essential Provençal yellow cover the restroom vanities at Hotel Le Moulin. Picture from Le Moulin: Architect-Designed Accommodations in Provence

With a lot of the hotel’s fittings carrying the Provence spirit– from lime-plaster walls to the books in the visitor spaces– we understood the tiles, too, needed to be made someplace in your area. However where?

The Source

ceramic tile in mandarin from terres cuites raujolles in france 90 Above: A little digging exposed the source: Terres Cuites de Raujolles in Millau, France, tile makers because 1830. Revealed here is their Ceramic Square Tile in the warm Mandarin colorway from their series of oranges.
ceramic tile in oranges from terres cuites raujolles in france 91 Above: The atelier’s tiles can be seen all over from the Hôtel National des Invalides in Paris to the Louvre. The square ceramic tiles are EUR2.03 each and ship from France within two days.

Bookmarking for our next tiling job.

On The Other Hand, for more French sources discovered:

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