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Russia apprehends Ukrainians for outlining attack on nuclear power station lines By Reuters

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s internal spy firm stated on Thursday it had actually apprehended 2 Ukrainian saboteurs outlining to explode the power lines of 2 nuclear power stations to close down the reactors and humiliate Russia on the eve of this month’s Triumph Day vacation.

The Federal Security Service (FSB), the primary follower to the Soviet-era KGB, stated that the saboteurs working for Ukrainian foreign intelligence had actually laid dynamites on an overall of 11 pylons of the Leningrad and Kalinin nuclear power stations.

” The strategy of the Ukrainian unique services was to trigger the shutdown of the atomic power plants, interfere with the operation of the nuclear reactor and trigger major financial and credibility damage to the Russian Federation,” the FSB stated in a declaration.

The attacks was because of occur on the eve of the Might 9 anniversary of triumph over Nazi Germany, the FSB stated. It did not state when the guys had actually been jailed.

The Leningrad station is Russia’s greatest atomic power plant. It lies on Gulf of Finland near St Petersburg. The Kalinin nuclear power station is 350 km north of Moscow.

The FSB stated the saboteurs were hired in 2022 by Ukraine’s foreign intelligence service (FISU) and got unique training at camps in Kyiv and the Mykolaiv area. They went into Russia by means of Poland and Belarus, the FSB stated.

2 Russian accomplices were likewise apprehended, the FSB stated.

The dynamites – consisting of 36.6 kg of C-4 plastic dynamites, 61 detonators and 38 timers – came by means of Poland, Lithuania and Belarus, the FSB stated.

” The accuseds have actually admitted to working together with the foreign intelligence service of Ukraine in order to prepare and devote sabotage on the area of Russia,” the FSB stated.

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