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terminal – Installing Windows 7 through Bootcamp for Mid-2011 iMac – How to Erase Hidden Partitions

So I was wanting to set up Windows 7 onto my computer system. It’s an old Mid-2011 iMac that I wished to utilize for video gaming and other programs. The issue nevertheless was that after erasing a 2nd partition, it still stated it could not run, suggesting I had more than one partition. I looked this up and stumbled upon the terminal command of diskutil list .

The results after typing diskutil list into terminal.

So obviously I have “concealed” partitions, which I wish to eliminate so I can set up Windows 7 through bootcamp … however … I require to understand: what is the best possible method of doing this? Becuase if I’m utilizing Terminal the LAST thing I wan na do is erase crucial code for my Mac, lest I re-install my OS from scratch.

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