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The Qlik Sense FROM FIELD Function

There are lots of functions and methods within Qlik Sense that a person may forget to remember when a difficulty exists. These functions can constantly utilize useful examples of application and utilize case circumstances. Let’s take a look at the FROM_FIELD function in Qlik Sense.


Load * FROM_FIELD is a beneficial script function in Qlik Sense that enables you to parse the contents of a single column into lots of columns or rows. Here are some useful examples:

  • Address: Customer Addresses are recorded within a single column on the source system.
  • Financial: Chart of Accounts– Permits the rugged hierarchy of the chart of accounts to be checked out from a single field and shifted to rows or columns.
  • Sales: Expense of Product– Lines on a Billing within the Stock Management Systems a Costs of Product can have a rugged hierarchy saved within a single column within the source system. This will then require separated into columns for reporting functions.
  • Site: Data recorded within a single column and requires provided in numerous columns.


This script example offers the Address parsed out into columns:

Load * Inline [
Customer_ID, CustomerData
1101, 1101|Catering Service|25648 Fisherman Drive|Bellevue|NE|68005|United States
1102, 1102|Wedding Venue|PO Box 354 RW|Portsmouth|NH|03801|United States

Load *.
FROM_FIELD (Address, CustomerData).
( txt, utf8, no labels, delimiter is'|', msq);

Sample Output:

Output of Qlik Sense From Field Parse Columns


This example script offers the Web Information parsed out into rows.

Load * Inline [
Website_ID, URLs
2546478SW$@265, www.cnn.com|www.foxnews.com|www.usatoday.com|www.nytimes.com
152478ER%^&154, www.google.com|www.snapchat.com|www.facebook.com|www.twitter.com

Load *.
( txt, utf8, no labels, delimiter is'|', filters( Transpose()));

Sample Output:

Output Qlik Sense From Field Parse Rows

Additionally, this can then be utilized as a filter within the application, not simply for output in a chart or chart.


Qlik Sense uses versatility and imagination to conquer the difficulties of information and how finest to provide it. This example of the FROM_FIELD function will ideally assist stimulate an innovative option to your next difficulty.

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