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The World’s 9 Finest Airport Lounges | Architectural Digest

The basic airport experience includes wanton cancellations, grab-and-go egg salad sandwiches, and sticky vinyl seats. That, statistically, is the reality. However here’s another: Airports, for some, are an enjoyment. Groups charmed by their sweeping placelessness consist of kids silenced with kilo bags of duty-free Haribo gummies, middle-aged guys peering at jet fuselages– and anybody with access to the world’s genuinely excellent airport lounges.

Any airport lounge is a sanctuary, as it uses degrees of an airport’s most valuable products: Peaceful, personal privacy, tidiness, fast Wi-Fi, and real warm food. However a terrific lounge? An excellent lounge is a spa-like break, an encounter with excellent style, a top-flight hotel bar, and a premium dining establishment. Though numerous airport areas are dull, a terrific lounge informs you precisely where you are, whether that’s with a spice-scented towel in Istanbul or regional California citrus at LAX.

In case you’re past the age of sugar inspiration and choose the finer things in life, here is a guide to ADVERTISEMENT‘s finest airport lounges. Why not be an analytical abnormality and get on your flight smiling?

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