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Trainees rely on AI for concepts to enhance lives at this year’s Picture Cup

Lakshmi Narke is inspired by the illness that eliminated her buddy and declares the lives of 1.5 million individuals every year. Syntiche Musawu wishes to assist individuals like her sibling, who has problem with seclusion due to a condition that interferes with how his brain comprehends what he’s hearing. Tyler Kim understands the difficulty of finding out a brand-new language and wishes to make education more available.

All 3 trainees are amongst the countless individuals in this year’s Envision Cup, Microsoft’s international competitors for trainees to dream and construct brand-new methods of utilizing innovation to enhance lives. In its 21-year history, the yearly occasion has actually drawn more than 2 million trainees from 160 nations to contend for rewards consisting of money, mentorship and training.

This year, much of the development energy focuses on AI, with the large bulk of trainees utilizing it to stimulate concepts, from training AI designs to discover illness to utilizing cognitive APIs to assist individuals with impairments.

” Trainees wish to make the world much better by dealing with and ultimately fixing major issues, and the accessibility of AI is empowering them to do it,” states Charlotte Yarkoni, Microsoft president of Commerce and Ecosystems, that includes trainee designer programs.

” The boost in AI-powered jobs in Picture Cup this year reveals us the capacity of AI– the trainees you see dealing with AI now might quickly produce the next development we can’t live without.”

Here’s a take a look at a few of the groups utilizing AI, consisting of the leading 3 groups— TAWI, Eupnea and CS-M Tool– who made it to the 2023 Envision Cup World Champion. That occasion was held at Microsoft Build 2023 with TAWI called as the winner


Maturing in Congo, Musawu saw her more youthful sibling battle with an acoustic processing condition that impacted his capability to understand speech, causing problems in school and social seclusion.

” My sibling does not feel great to interact if there is background sound, however I believe we can assist,” states Musawu, a computer technology trainee at the United States International University-Africa in Kenya.

She and her group are now developing an app called TAWI to assist individuals with the condition interact more quickly. It leverages speech acknowledgment tools from Azure Cognitive Providers and OpenAI Whisper to improve speech, lower background sound and transcribe speech to text in genuine time.

Four team members stand smiling
TAWI staff member (delegated right) Syntiche Musawu, Zakariya Hussein Hassan, Muna Numan Said and John Onsongo Mabeya (photo thanks to TAWI)

Users can link the app to routine earphones, making the service more inexpensive, available and discreet than conventional listening devices. They can likewise check out transcribed speech on their phone.

Concentrated on inclusivity, the group is dealing with AI designs to process various languages, accents and background sound, from crosstalk and air conditioning unit to wind, rain and rural animals.

” We wish to serve individuals in all sort of environments and conditions,” whether they’re at school, in a workplace or living on a farm, states staff member Zakariya Hussein Hassan.


Many tuberculosis (TB) deaths happen in nations with less available healthcare, triggering postponed screening and treatment. A typical skin test is especially tough as it includes 2 sees for an injection and an evaluation a couple of days later on.

Lakshmi Narke and her group hope their app, Eupnea, will motivate individuals to see a physician previously by rapidly examining a user’s threat for TB.

A young woman and two men stand smiling against a colorfully illustrated background
Eupnea staff member (delegated right) Chidroop Iyyhappan, Lakshmi Narke and Aditya Sreerama (photo thanks to Eupnea)

Users can picture their injection website with a coin on their arm and Eupnea, powered by Azure Cognitive Provider’ vision tools, computes threat by determining the size of the skin’s response with the coin as a referral, the trainees state. Another AI algorithm is developed to examine a couple of seconds of coughing.

” AI can lower the expense of making numerous journeys to the physician, who can evaluate the outcomes and conserve a life and limitation direct exposure to other individuals,” states Chidroop Iyyhappan, a computer technology college student at University of California, Irvine.

The group likewise wishes to assist individuals finish the long treatment needed for TB through a gamified system and a neighborhood that sets individuals for psychological assistance with Azure Artificial intelligence.

The trainees matured in India, which has the world’s greatest problem of TB and is where Narke’s buddy died.

” We have actually lost family and friends to this illness and experienced its influence on neighborhoods,” states Narke, likewise a computer technology college student at UC Irvine. “With AI, we are attempting to conserve lives one breath at a time.”

CS-M Tool

Heart disease are the leading cause of death internationally, however the majority of are thought about avoidable, an obstacle in low- and middle-income nations where healthcare and early detection are less available.

A group of high school trainees in Thailand is developing a screening tool they state can assist individuals examine themselves for capacity indications of heart problem. With a customized stethoscope linked to a phone, the CS-M Tool (brief for Heart Self-Monitoring Tool) will have the ability to examine a user’s heart beat to supply threat levels for heart diseases, the group states. The trainees likewise prepare to integrate conversational AI to respond to standard health concerns.

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