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User Spotlight: Interview with Pam Obasa

Life is filled with unexpected events; sometimes, it takes a single happening to change everything – and it’s up to you to find the silver lining—this time, in User Spotlights at ClickFunnels, we share an inspiring and powerful story with you.

Pam Obasa helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and educators to create a lucrative sales system for their businesses. She teaches them how to monetize their message and story so that they can sell online with her proven methods!

Pam was a successful actress who loved what she did and worked hard to build her career. She was a very ambitious young woman who, unluckily, lost her child at birth. That triggered everything to fall apart, and she felt completely lost. But she was determined to overcome the sadness, which is how she discovered the webinar world. Nowadays, Pam helps coaches through marketing strategies to bring people to their webinars. 

“My business saved me, doing what I do saved me […] it is what got me out of depression […] People buy from you if you are real; to achieve success is not just one funnel that does it. It is a combination of funnels that are stacked together, and as people dive into the funnels, they get to know YOU better and better’’. 

Her acting background was a great asset for the coaching and teaching business. She has a wonderful way of being in touch with people and capturing their attention, and of course, all her hard work paid off! By 35 days of launching her business, she reached $65,000 in sales!

Yes, we know… With those numbers, you wouldn’t think her first funnel failed massively, right? But that’s exactly what happened! Pam never gave up and remained relentless. She exploited the failure of her first funnel, a webinar, as a learning opportunity. She was getting closer to success with every failure.

What would she say is the best piece of advice? You’ll just have to go check out the entire interview yourself. You’ll love it just as much as we did having Pam in this edition and hearing her journey!

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