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Windows LAPS is incompatible with tradition policies

Microsoft is examining an interoperability bug in between the just recently included Windows Resident Administrator Password Service (LAPS) function and tradition LAPS policies.

Windows LAPS assists admins handle passwords for regional administrator accounts on Azure Active Directory-joined or Windows Server Active Directory-joined gadgets by immediately turning and backing them as much as advertisement domain controllers.

Throughout this month’s Spot Tuesday, Microsoft revealed the combination of Windows LAPS on Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server 2019 or more recent releases.

Nevertheless, days after the statement, the business validated reports that using the April 2023 updates will break both tradition LAPS and the freshly introduced Windows LAPS.

” There is a tradition LAPS interop bug in the [..] April 11, 2023 upgrade. If you set up the tradition LAPS GPO CSE on a device covered with the April 11, 2023 security upgrade and a used tradition LAPS policy, both Windows LAPS and tradition LAPS will break,” Microsoft describes

” Signs consist of Windows LAPS occasion log IDs 10031 and 10032, in addition to tradition LAPS occasion ID 6. Microsoft is dealing with a repair for this concern.”

Up until a repair is offered to resolve this concern, Microsoft has actually shared a workaround to assist admins bring back LAPS performance in on-premises Active Directory site circumstances.

This needs either uninstalling tradition LAPS or erasing all windows registry worths under the HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionLAPSState windows registry secret.

Why switch to Windows LAPS?

Microsoft states LAPS is now natively incorporated into Windows as an inbox function and will go through upkeep through the basic Windows patching procedures.

” Beginning with the April 11, 2023 security upgrade, LAPS is natively incorporated into Windows with brand-new abilities for on-premises advertisement circumstances and upcoming Azure Active Directory site advantages (presently in personal sneak peek),” Microsoft states

” A few of the brand-new functions consist of abundant policy management, automated rotation, devoted occasion log, brand-new PowerShell module, hybrid-joined assistance, and more.”

Besides the addition of brand-new abilities, utilizing Windows LAPS to frequently turn and backup regional administrator account passwords likewise offers a security increase:

  • Defense versus pass-the-hash and lateral-traversal attacks
  • Better security for remote assistance desk circumstances
  • Capability to check in to and recuperate gadgets that are otherwise unattainable
  • A fine-grained security design (gain access to control lists and optional password file encryption) for protecting passwords that are saved in Windows Server Active Directory Site
  • Assistance for the Azure role-based gain access to control design for protecting passwords that are saved in Azure Active Directory Site

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