Michael pfeiffer is the best ihk brewer of the year

Michael pfeiffer is the best ihk brewer of the year

Horst jacob doesn’t care whether he goes to high school, college or university. It does not depend on the school-leaving certificate whether one becomes a good brewer. You should be interested in biology, physics and technology, be hygiene-conscious and have a certain social competence, says the long-serving brewmaster at the kesselring brewery in marktsteft, germany.Prerequisites brought by michael pfeiffer. It was worth it for kesselring to hire wiesentheider as an apprentice: he was awarded last week by the chamber of commerce in wurzburg as the best brewer/painter in his exams.

The 22-year-old has long known that he wanted to become a master brewer. Beer interested him far beyond the taste. Already at the age of 16 or 17 he tried to brew beer at home, michael pfeiffer tells us. "I started with homemade utensils and an electric stove." You don’t just drink the beer, you get to grips with why it tastes the way it does and experiment with it. He still gets a kick out of it: "I still do it two or three times a year."

If you want to become a graduate brewmaster, you either have to do a long internship or an apprenticeship before you start your studies. Michael pfeiffer decided to train, applied for a job at kesselring. The company has been regularly training brewers for decades. Also on 1. Two apprentices started their training in marktsteft on september.


How prejudices can work

How prejudices can work

It’s not unusual for schoolchildren to read in class. The fact that they had to deal with demanding texts in the course of their schooling was equally unimpressive. Nevertheless, the reading piece that katrin fischer-sandhop and hans-werner fischer had rehearsed with the refugees, who are currently attending the vocational integration pre-class of the technical high school, was a special one. The prose text by franz fuhmann is about the effect of prejudice and incitement. "The jewish car made clear in a vivid way how one’s own perception can be influenced.

A young boy sees himself threatened by strangers and describes the abduction of young girls by "the jews" in class. But suddenly this threat turned out to be an illusion. The boy was blobgestellt. From then on he hated the "jews" only more.

The schoolchildren brought the reading play to the theater "das baumann on stage – not only as a mere text reproduction, but they built in acting elements.


Afd-eklat: politicians who have taken leave of their senses

Afd-eklat: Politicians who have taken leave of their senses

His book on decency in difficult times came at the right time. A bestseller, not by chance. Of course, axel hacke is not only concerned with exposing indecent behavior in politics. But also, left and right.

Haven’t we long since become a society in which – taking into account the fact that each age defines its own concept of decency – basic values such as proper behavior have long since gone by the wayside?? It’s bad enough that this very question comes up again and again. Especially, as now again, with the afd.

Now the lamenting may begin – about exclusion and prejudice. Always with the aim of somehow turning the offenders into victims after all. Especially in the social media. Just there, where a number of commentators seem to have long since abandoned not only all sense of decency, but also all good spirits. So let’s take a closer look at what it means: decency is more than just respect – although even that was enough for an elected representative of the people to put up with critical remarks about the politics of his own party. Decency also means sensitivity, correctness, maybe even humanity. All of which are qualities that we should demand of our politicians in particular.


“You have no chance. Use her!”

The media interest is great, and so is that of the guests: the two SPD district chairmen stefan sauerteig (coburg city association) and carsten hollen (district SPD) registered over 70 registrations in advance, and television crews had also announced their intention to attend. Simone lange, the woman who wants to replace andrea nahles as chairwoman of the SPD, makes her only appearance in bavaria this friday evening, at the gasthof sauerteig in rodental.
On sunday, the party congress will take place in wiesbaden, where – if the party board has its way – andrea nahles will be elected SPD chairwoman. Simone lange declared her candidacy in february out of protest, as she recounted in her one-hour speech: because nahles, not yet a member of the party executive committee, was to become acting chairwoman at that time, even though that is not possible under the party statutes. "If we don’t take our statutes seriously, how can others take us seriously??" Simone lange asks the attentive and mumbling audience in the packed hall.
An alternative to andrea nahles – that’s also what michael busch wants. "I don’t want a ‘pippi-longstocking-on-her-face’ chairwoman – and neither do many other members", says the district administrator and state parliament candidate. Of course it’s normal for the incumbent board to propose a candidate, busch stresses. But internal party democracy includes the possibility of an opposing candidacy, and he is glad that simone lange is taking on this undertaking. "Ware i was 15 years young, i had organized myself what simone lange is doing now." So he just directed them to upper franconia, got the last possible appointment. Still in the late evening, simone lange continues her journey from rodental to frankfurt.
"When I’m national chairwoman", this sentence comes up several times when she talks about the need for the SPD to renew itself, to find a program again that will convince voters. In dark blue pantsuit and white sneakers, she speaks freely and with concentration. Her theme is the party, which needs to regain credibility. 18 percent of the vote is not a good perspective, and simone lange, a police officer for 15 years, diagnoses fear in her party of further slippage.
She wants to fight this fear, she says. Members should not only be consulted on the rough coalition and all other possible questions, but also on the question of who should take over the chairmanship, she demands and earns loud applause. The party members had to "define goals," says. "Time for justice, the slogan with which the SPD entered the 2017 election campaign with martin schulz "is not a goal, but a state that I can achieve if I define and implement the right goals!" She received more than 50 requests for appearances after her candidacy, 20 of which she accepted, she said. For them, it’s tests whether they meet the mood in the party.
Apparently already. "You are the personified hope bearer", says michael busch after her speech. The votes of the upper franconian guests who came to the sauerteig inn on that friday evening were probably secure. But of the listeners, only three were delegated to the party conference: the two district chairmen carsten hollein and stefan sauerteig, and jonas merzbacher, mayor of gundelsheim in the district of bamberg. He declares even before the evening begins that he will vote for simone lange, stefan sauerteig and carsten hollein do so afterwards.
She had the support of her base: "you are the better solution for a renewal of the SPD, says gerhard leerfeld, longtime party member and chairman in untersiemau. Michael busch recalls his own first county council campaign: "you don’t stand a chance. Use it."


After eugh ruling: altmaier does not want to go back to the time clock

After eugh ruling: altmaier does not want to go back to the time clock

Following the european ruling on the recording of working hours, german economics minister peter altmaier sees no need for action in germany for the time being. The CDU politician warned against additional bureaucracy for employers and employees.

"The ruling points in the wrong direction," altmaier said in berlin on tuesday. "It is the wrong way to reintroduce the time clock everywhere."According to the current legal situation, there is already a comprehensive documentation system in germany that can be used to measure daily working hours. Criticism from the SPD.

Altmaier said the economics ministry would closely examine the ruling of the european court of justice (eugh) and commission a legal opinion to determine whether there was any need for action at all. "We want to and must protect the interests of employees, but we must not create an excessive bureaucracy."


Result of the hammelburg referendum causes confusion

Both sides are surprised: the last days before the referendum on sunday, she had doubts whether the citizens’ initiative could prevail, says her representative elfriede dickert. Even the majority of the city council members who supported the burgerhaus plan did not expect the result to be like this.

The representatives of the burgerinitiative are happy that they were successful and that the voters rejected the burgerhaus plan. Those who have campaigned for the city’s plan, on the other hand, are talking about disenchantment and frustration. "We don’t know how to deal with the result", says a city councilor. The decision was not only very close, with 169 votes in favor of the citizens’ initiative. The outcome of the vote also raises a number of questions in terms of content.

With their decision in favor of the citizens’ initiative, the electors spoke out in favor of the city council’s decisions being rescinded "with the aim that a more cost-efficient citizens’ house be built on the same site". The initiative’s question was therefore aimed at the costs alone.


Warnings for hidden electricity price increases

warnings for hidden electricity price increases

Among them are two discounters that aggressively advertise cheap prices on comparison portals and then increase them as unnoticed as possible.

If the providers who have been warned remain intransigent, they will be sued, the consumer advice center announced, referring to a ruling by the dusseldorf higher regional court. The court had already criticized such an opaque e-mail from an energy provider in 2016 and declared its price increase invalid.

The actual purpose of the letters to customers, namely to inform them about price increases, was so cleverly hidden that many people perceived the letters as advertising and did not read them. In this way, customers are prevented from exercising their special right of cancellation.


Mary’s group hangs again on the courtyard pharmacy

mary's group hangs again on the courtyard pharmacy

The trinity group is again hung on the corner of the courtyard pharmacy. It was missing for about two years, because after a stucco had fallen down, it had to be renovated.

Now the house figure group that most dominates the cityscape of bamberger shines again in its old glory, in its old place in karolinenstrabe, at the stairway to the imperial cathedral. The hof-apotheke is one of the oldest pharmacies in germany, documented in 1437.

In the middle of the 18. The rococo sculpture attributed to georg reub was installed at the end of the nineteenth century. Above are three older coats of arms from the late 16. Century. The interior of the building still has the ornamental stucco of a material chamber from 1772 in rococo style. All this can be read in the publication "580 years of the hof pharmacy in bamberg. A small chronicle", which is available in the pharmacy for a nominal fee of three euro; furthermore in "the art monuments of bavaria, city of bamberg, burgherliche bergstadt" (in german), by tilmann breuer and reinhard gutbier, published 1997.


Motion of the csu of bad kissing: the fees hours?

Can the city offer its citizens and businesses support in the corona crisis?? Representatives of the CSU city council caucus say yes and submitted a motion to the city council, for example, to defer city fees for garbage and wastewater in certain cases until the end of the year without interest to mayor kay blankenburg. CSU faction spokesman steffen hortler believes it is important to set an example, he says in an interview with this editorial team.

Because in his professional capacity as head of the heiligenhof training center, he knows exactly what is at stake for low-income earners and small and medium-sized businesses. "A woman who works for us in the kitchen might get 1200 euros net. In the event of short-time work, she will be left with 60 percent of this income. She has to make a living with it", hortler reckons. It is not possible to do it for a long time. But even small businesses, restaurants and accommodation providers now had considerable difficulties in creating liquidity – despite immediate state aid. That’s why the city has to consider whether it can contribute something, says hortler.

Financially, the city can shoulder this interest waiver, continues hortler. Because in the budgets of the past years, there has always been some financial leeway "money that we had available and then couldn’t spend until the end of the respective year". With this money they can now support burgers and small businesses.


Ten years of regiomed – from a network of clinics to a cross-border group of companies

Ten years of regiomed - from a network of clinics to a cross-border group of companies

The ceremony took place in the coburg congress center, the new company’s headquarters became sonneberg: on sunday, it was ten years ago that the four counties of coburg, lichtenfels, sonneberg and hildburghausen as well as the cities of coburg and schleusingen founded the regiomed hospital group.
It was one of the first such mergers of municipal hospitals, and it had some unique features. None of the clinics involved was in economic difficulties and had to merge with another out of sheer necessity. And: it was a merger across federal state borders, between thuringia and franconia, exactly 18 years to the day after the border barriers had fallen between neustadt and sonneberg.

First discussion in 2003

The parties involved had taken their time: the first talks were held in 2003, and it was not until four years later that the merger took place, which was nowhere near as close as it is today. The counties and the coburg hospital association brought their clinics into a joint holding company. The buildings themselves remained the property of the counties, because they contained receivables from the respective federal states.
Ten years later, regiomed has already come a long way on the road to becoming a healthcare group: the company not only operates hospitals and old people’s homes, but has also set up its own medical school for training doctors (in cooperation with the university of split). At the top, in addition to the chief executive officer, there is one for the medical and one for the commercial sector. The holding company is still headquartered in sonneberg, but the central administration with its responsibilities for finance and personnel is located in coburg, in the former nurses’ home.
Regiomed and the group’s hospital companies have repeatedly stepped in over the past few years, most recently when the coburg sisterhood of the red cross went insolvent: the coburg hospital took on the nurses who were already working there as employees. Even before the insolvency, regiomed had taken over the senior citizens’ center on gustav-hirschfeld-ring, and now it has added the house on the sliding stand to its portfolio. In 2012, the hospital in neustadt became a subsidiary of klinikum coburg, which is itself part of the hospital network. Regiomed also operates 15 medical care centers (mvzs) throughout the region to help ensure the provision of care by family doctors.

New location under discussion

There is currently talk of finding a completely new location for the coburg hospital, which will then be known as the "healthcare campus" a new central hospital for the entire hospital network is to be built in lichtenfels, where a new hospital is currently under construction.
These developments did not always go smoothly: katja bittner, who as the first chief executive officer was supposed to try to bring the individual parts of regiomed closer together, was dismissed prematurely in 2013 after only two years by decision of the shareholders, after she had made some controversial decisions. However, the fact that the parties involved had different ideas about what competencies a chief executive officer should have probably also played a role here. The legal dispute over the dismissal dragged on until 2015.
Bittner’s successor joachim bovelet, in office since the beginning of 2014, seems to have a happier hand in dealing with the representatives of the regiomed shareholders. Originally brought in from berlin as interim managing director to bridge the gap after bittner’s dismissal, he now has a contract until 2018.
But it wasn’t just the directors who changed: of the six politicians who signed the contract ten years ago, only the thuringians are still in office today: district administrator thomas muller (hildburghausen, CDU), district administrator christine zitzmann (sonneberg, no party affiliation) and mayor klaus brodfuhrer (schleusingen, CDU). Coburg district administrator karl zeitler (SPD) was replaced by michael busch (SPD) in 2008, coburg’s mayor norbert kastner (SPD) was replaced by norbert tessmer (SPD) in 2014. Christian meibner (CSU) was elected in 2011 to succeed district administrator reinhard leutner (lichtenfels, CSU).

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