12-Hour workdays possible in corona crisis

12-hour workdays possible in corona crisis

This is what emerges from the draft working time ordinance that the federal ministry of labor has drawn up in agreement with the ministry of health, as reported by the "handelsblatt" newspaper.

The regulation is therefore limited until the end of june. The workers concerned were to be allowed to work on sundays and holidays during this period.

The report also mentions employees in industries involved in the production, packaging and storage of everyday goods, as well as those in the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, energy and water supply, pharmacies and sanitary facilities, employees in the cash and valuables transport industry, and those in data and network management.

However, working time may only be extended if it "cannot be avoided through foresighted organizational measures, including the necessary scheduling of working time, through hiring or other personnel management measures," according to the draft.

As one of numerous measures to cushion the effects of the corona crisis, the federal government had introduced the possibility of enacting exemptions from the working hours act to "ensure the maintenance of public safety and order, health care and nursing care, public services and the provision of essential goods to the population in the current situation of the corona pandemic".


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