1500 Metalworkers demonstrated in bamberg

Before the fourth round of negotiations, the IG metall union increased the pressure on the companies once again and paralyzed the early shift at four metal and electrical companies in the bamberg region, such as bosch, wieland, trench and albea. Around 1,500 employees marched to a rally in wunderburg castle. They were supported by the IG metall seniors and by employees from other companies in the region.

"With the warning strike and the rally, we want to show the employers and their associations that they are not just facing two or three people, but thousands, emphasized dieter reichert, second authorized representative of IG-metall bamberg. In the last few days, a total of more than 100 trainees in bavaria.000 workers involved in warning strikes, rallies or other actions to press their demand for 5.5 percent more pay and 60 euros more for apprentices. According to reichert, this is democracy in action.

Furthermore, the second authorized representative warned that even if a negotiation result is achieved, the labor struggle is far from over. "Our first step is fair collective wages, then we will fight against labor contracts. Because it is not acceptable that employees who are not covered by the collective wage agreement receive significantly less pay with a work contract", he underlined.

"The union's demands are moderate
Hans wolff, chairman of the works council at bosch, explained that the union's demands were very moderate and at the "lowest level" were. If, however, the employers for their part did not raise the bar, then IG metall would not be afraid to go on strike to demand appropriate wages.

"There is enough money in the companies. It's just not being distributed properly", said wolff. If too much money is left in the pockets of employers, there is a danger that their greed will become even greater and that, in the same breath, they will issue even more labor contracts and hire more temporary workers. If, on the other hand, the money is passed on to the employees, they will help to ensure that both the economy and society do not go down the drain as in greece.

More and more millionaires
Very clear words were spoken by the catholic company chaplain manfred bohm. "The number of millionaires is growing, and 'food banks' for the poor are springing up like mushrooms, he blamed. Germany has meanwhile developed into a soup-cake republic.

Therefore, the demands for higher wages are more than just. Because only in this way could workers still have a secure future in 30 years' time. "In addition, a good wage is also a sign of respect. Those who work well and make shareholders rich are also entitled to good pay", bohm demanded.

Christina bickel, chairwoman of the youth representation of the company bosch, underlined the appropriateness of the trainees' demand for 60 euros more pay per month: "the companies are making huge profits and we don't need anything because we earn more than the other trainees." The future lies in young people, and young people could be used to train highly qualified workers and thus eliminate the shortage of skilled workers.

Last year we achieved a 4.5 percent wage increase
Matthias gebhardt, first authorized representative of IG-metall, took another look at the situation and said that the company had been successful described that in the last few days in the bamberg region alone, over 7,700 employees had gone on warning strike. "A year ago, we were already in the wunderburg, and at that time we achieved 4.5 percent of the 6.5 percent wage increase we had demanded. And this year, too, we will fight for an appropriate wage increase that is higher than the 2.3 percent offered so far."

He considered the calculated average wages in the metal industry to be a sham. The employers achieved an average annual wage of 58 euros.000 euros. "According to my calculation, a worker in salary class 5b earns 3000 euros a month. That makes 39,000 euros a year with allowances.600 euro. Where are the other 18.400 euro remained?" Probably the employers had included the wages of department heads, bosses and board members in the calculation. He could do without such a bill. That would be the same if he put one arm in the ice and the other on the hot stove plate. "Then I have a good average temperature, but also two broken arms", he scolded.

DGB regional chairman mathias eckardt also expressed solidarity with the demands of the IG metall union. Rather, he sees the metalworkers' union as the strongest union force in germany, which can also fight for other weaker unions – such as the employees in the retail trade. "Because they don't have the strength to get enough obeisance because of their mini-jobs", he emphasized.

No opinion
We have also asked the opposing side, i.E. The association of bavarian metal and electrical employers (vbm), for a statement. Although the local editorial office was promised an interview on monday evening, the vbm was forced to cancel it at short notice. Also a written answer of our questions one wanted delivered. With the reasoning that on today's wednesday maybe an agreement had already been reached and then the statements had already been outdated. Very astonishing though. Because one question was: what does the current economic situation of the companies look like?. This could hardly be expected to change significantly within three days.

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