4500 Euro fine will be due

4500 euro fine will be due

It was not clear what had driven the man to act in this way. Alcohol was not involved, nor were drugs or a latent tendency to violence. And when disclosing his financial circumstances, which is required in court for anyone facing a fine, it became clear that the employee, who lives rent-free in his mother’s house on the edge of french switzerland, has no financial problems whatsoever.
"I am infinitely sorry – I have made a huge blodsinn", according to the man. After all, he had deeply disturbed various people with his inexplicable misconduct.
It began almost a year ago to the day when he contacted a young girl by cell phone and asked her to perform sexual acts on herself. Their mother initiated the filing of a criminal complaint against him. Also because there was a fear that someone might want to harm her daughter there. That same month, he called a man at his home and threatened to kill him – in a tone that made the threatened man think he meant it. Not enough – in the same period he called a woman and demanded from her the payment of 1000 euros – otherwise he would kill her friend.
Under the line had itself thus some together-insult in act-majority with threat in two cases, in addition also still another attempted extortion, a combination, which appears on everyone, which hoard, inconceivable and completely unreal, because the act does not fit to the tater.
The rather high demand for money that the man had made spoke against the defendant, and his contrite confession spoke in his favor. Nevertheless, district judge schneider went a little further than the prosecutor’s request for a total of 4,000 euros, because "you also have to see that you have massively incriminated young people, as she stated in her ruling.
The number of daily salaries increased by an even ten, because his financial situation indicated that he could afford it. The man has to pay 4500 euros – which only insufficiently compensates for the fears that three of the people affected were facing.


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