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For daniel mache and denny mangold, the FG marktbreit-martinsheim is the first trainer’s station. Mache, who played for nine years with schweinfurt 05, then as co-trainer of marc reitmaier with wurzburger fv and for a short time also with bayern kitzingen, has brought in mangold, a player who is still new in the district, to assist him. The 30-year-old comes from the vicinity of bad neustadt an der saale and last played successfully for eight years in munnerstadt.

However, he has lived in wurzburg for a long time and therefore had to commute to rhon. "I certainly had another active three to four good years playing," mangold recounts. However, he recently enjoyed some time off from fubball. "In january, daniel approached me," he recalls, "because even before that, his work colleagues, both of whom work in marketing for a fashion company in rottendorf, had worked it out that they could work together if daniel were to take over a coaching position at a club. After tobias jager’s departure had been decided, sports director joachim hupp approached him. Mangold then agreed to co-coach the athletic and coordination area.

This task suits the trained defender: "even as a player, I dealt with this topic. I myself was more of a fighter than a technician."The cooperation, they both say in unison, is ideal: "there is absolute trust between us. It is very important to us that we can rely on each other."Both of them prepared intensively for their start in marktbreit over a long period of time. "Now we’ve been playing together for five weeks," says mangold. They also said that the first results of this collaboration have already become visible. In the behavior during own possession of the ball the players were very well behaved. What is still missing at the moment is the decisive pass from the game that creates a goal-scoring opportunity.

But here, too, the path taken is a good one. This was partly shown by the preparation games against munnerstadt (0:1), kleinrinderfeld (1:2), dettelbach (2:1) and dampfach (3:1). "Part of the preparation is associated with agony," mache admits. At times, the training content that both were trying to deliver was new. However, they found that the players were interested and open to them. "However, we will need a little more time in the tactical area and take this work with us into the next few weeks," explains mache.

The 33-year-old wanted to avoid the fact that marktbreit would again have to fight until the end to stay in the league: "we want to keep a distance to the bottom. The potential is definitely there, provided that we are spared from more serious violations."The two instructors try to prevent this from happening. They also broke up the division between the first and second teams. "Everyone gets his chance. In munnerstadt, i started out in the reserves until i earned a regular spot in the first team," mangold reports from his own experience. "Everyone should move closer together," mache adds. The positive atmosphere will take everyone with them, which will have an effect on the performance.

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