Adelsdorf spd wants to reserve land for public use

According to norbert lamm, the SPD adelsdorf considers the improvement of the bus connection from adelsdorf to forchheim to be necessary and very sensible. As early as march 2015, the local council decided to apply to the district for these improvements, adds jorg bubel in a press release from the local association. This included the extension of the bus line 206 from zeckern to adelsdorf and an increase in the number of rides. The district of erlangen-hochstadt, in cooperation with the district of forchheim, had already commissioned a potential analysis in 2017.

The SPD-councillors hope that the chance for a quick improvement has not been lost due to the long time that has already passed. Therefore, they request that the municipal council be informed about the current status. Any obstacles to improving line haulage are also to be identified and countermeasures established.

Place for sports and social station

In a second motion, lamm and bubel call for the current revision of the municipality's land use plan to include land for public use. An organically growing community needs in the future not only residential areas, but also areas for public needs, as they are already listed in the local development concept of the community. Lamm and bubel are thinking of flat areas for facilities such as a youth center, for social services, for a retirement home and senior living, for community spaces for various club-independent activities, for sports facilities, especially to expand the existing club facilities, but also for a public sports field, a sports hall, a skating rink, or a sports field for the elderly. For an ice skating rink, for inline skating and jogging tracks, for the extension or the new ski slope. Relocation of the building yard and expansion of the local supply system.

The land use plan determines the use of the land for the next 15 to 20 years. In order to prevent problems with the further development of the community, the municipality has to reserve appropriate areas for itself

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