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ADU 01275: Can I use LiDAR / RTK to an Inspire 2?

In today’s short episode we discuss if an LiDAR/RTK can be added on to an Inspire 2 and if there are benefits to doing so?

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Today’s question is from Steve, who would like to know if it’s feasible to add LiDAR to an I2 to generate mapping deliverables.

Thanks for the question Steve. In this short episode we quickly answer the question if LiDAR / RTK can be added on to an I2 for generating Mapping deliverables and if it is a viable option for pilots. We address first, the potential value addition to the drone deliverable that a unit can add to the I2 and if such a value addition is truly required for mapping deliverables. We then discuss potential challenges that pilots can face by such an addition and the most notable issue of additional weight on the drone and its implications. Alternatively, we discuss options for drone pilots to explore to ensure similar accuracy in deliverables but without compromising flight times.

Tune in today to learn more about the viability of adding such an add-on to your I2 and understand the benefits and trade-offs involved.

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[2:39] Today’s question – Can I use LiDAR / RTK to an Inspire 2
[3:50] Does adding a unit add value to the Inspire 2?
[5:21] LIDAR capabilities and can the Inspire 2 utilize one? What implications does adding units cause to the I2?
[8:08] Adding GCPs and improving accuracy for a 3D model

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