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ADU 01277: Do I NEED to pay someone $200/mo (or MORE) to have good SEO?

Is it worth the investment when agencies offer to provide SEO services? Is SEO something that a business owner can accomplish by themselves?
Today’s episode is brought to you by PROPS programs. Props is Drone U’s exclusive offering to give organizations the ability to distribute UAV training to pilots effectively and efficiently. PROPS allows the leader of a drone program, to assign the appropriate courses according to your program’s needs and timeframes. And perhaps more importantly, it allows you as the program leader to monitor the progress of each pilot within one convenient platform. Our PROPS program has a special course on host of domains including mapping, publics safety and exclusive Dont Crash courses.

Today’s question is from Justin, who is frequently being approached by SEO agencies on services being offered to perform SEO activities for him at charges as high as $200 per month (or must we say low compared to the quotes offered to Drone U). Justin would like to know if its worth the investment or should Justin look around to build his own SEO?

Thanks for the question Justin. A very relevant and important question for business owners whether to enable efforts in-house or take support from agencies? Should a business owner choose either path, how would they determine the success of the efforts to substantiate the investment or the time it takes to put in the efforts.

We address the question by first answering what SEO means for business owners and the benefits of SEO for business. We look at the various platforms that is available for business owners to channel their advertising and ways by which effective SEO could be made possible. Next we delve into specifics of how owners can invest their time in SEO efforts and how they can replicate what the agencies usually offer to business. We also talk about how owners can measure success and precautions to keep in mind while working on SEO. Lastly we also discuss if its worth the time for the effort and how drone business owners can lose focus on their core passion and business and ways by which owners can build a strong SEO team.

Tune in today to learn more about how drone business owners can successfully manage their SEO efforts while continuing to stay on track of their passion.

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[01:20] Today’s show is about SEO efforts and investment for your business
[02:24] Learn more about our PROPS program
[04:03] Today’s question is from Justin about how to best utilize SEO for growing business as part of advertising campaign
[06:30] What platforms should business utilize for advertising
[08:14] What is SEO and should you pay for services from agencies?
[10:33] How can business owners plan their efforts for optimizing for SEO efforts?
[12:30] How can one replicate the effort that agencies offer? What things should be considered when planning your efforts?
[17:35] What precautions should one take if they partner with freelancers or other agencies?
[21:03] Should a drone business owner deploy efforts on SEO and how to determine your passion and delegating the work to other professionals

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