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ADU 01285: Why does DJI not allow 3rd party apps on the RC Pro?

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On Today’s show we discuss if DJI has made a deliberate move to limit third party integrations on the RC Pro? Our question for today is from Steve who would like to know why DJI is avoiding integration with third party apps, how pilots can utilize third party apps such as Drone Deploy while utilizing DJI’s products. Thanks for the question Steve !!

We start off our response by informing our viewers as to what DJI has to mention in its recent announcements on integrations and how DJI plan to bring any future integrations through its SDK. We also address drones that would work with applications such as Drone Deploy and how such integrations can help pilots make informed decisions while purchasing a drone and things that pilots need to be aware of, during drone purchases.

In today’s episode we also do a quick review of the Mavic 3 Enterprise and the M30T discussing the features, pricing and use cases. Tune in today if you’d like to make informed purchase of a drone during this Holiday season!!

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[00:58] Overview of today’s show on Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Enterprise, applications and mapping capabilities
[03:21] Today’s question on why DJI does not allow third party apps on their drones
[04:48] What does DJI have to mention about SDK and future business decisions that we can expect from DJI
[05:58] Drones that Drone Deploy would work and is compatible with
[09:35] This drone is the most closest to replace the Phantom 4 v2
[10:00] Mavic 3 Enterprise and M30T drone comparisons

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