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ADU 01286: What opportunities are out there for drone pilots?

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On Today’s show we discuss all about the opportunities available for drone pilots to seek employment for growing their drone business. Our question for today, from Andy, is about the opportunities that are available in today’s market for drone pilots. Andy would like to know if there are specific avenues we recommend to drone pilots.

Thank you for the question Andy, a very relevant question for drone pilots in the industry that can assist drone pilots to not only seek employment in the coming year but also explore new avenues for seeking additional earnings.

We address Andy’s question by first highlighting the Number 1 opportunity for drone pilots in the coming months and this specifically has to do with the passing of the new Infra bill in the US and how this means an increase in requirement to map public infrastructure.

Next we talk about Dave and John’s story from NY and how they scaled their business through drone employment sites and built a strong network and connections in the drone industry and how pilots can emulate a similar strategy to grow their business or seek employment. We then focus on the real estate market and how the real estate market continues to see a continuous demand in videography and photography. Paul then discusses some of the untapped markets available to drone pilots and how these are specific to cleaning of buildings, solar panel cleaning and how pilots can easily capture this vast untapped market. Last but not the least, we discuss about the cell tower inspection demand and how pilots can pursue this in-demand job in the coming months

Tune In to detail and data packed podcast to grab those opportunities in the Drone Industry today!!

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[02:50] Today’s question is on opportunities for Drone Pilots
[04:04] The number 1 opportunity for drone pilots in upcoming months
[07:38] Hear about how Dave and John from NY identified opportunities to scale their business
[09:27] Has the real estate market become saturated and how drone pilots can grab opportunities with videography and real estate photography
[12:08] Utilizing specific data to upsell services to future prospects
[13:10] What other untapped markets are available for Drone Pilots?
[20:10] Performing cell tower inspections and getting hired for performing cell tower inspects

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