Advent in frensdorf

Also this year invite on 2. Advent weekend, two atmospheric markets – one at the bamberger land farmers’ museum and the other on the village square near the church – for a pre-christmas visit to the "frensdorfer advent a. Festive opening is on saturday at the village square from 3 pm. On sunday, the sale of the longest frensdorf stollen traditionally takes place for the benefit of the "sternschnuppe" instead of. By buying a raffle ticket the visitors can support this action additionally. The advent calendar trail invites you to stroll from one market to the next and look at the enchantingly decorated windows. In addition, on sunday afternoon the visitors can ride in a carriage from one market to the other.

Together with santa claus and the hunting horn blowers of the hunting association, district administrator johann kalb (CSU) opens the market at the farmers’ museum on saturday at 6 p.M. On saturday and sunday, marchenstunden with zither music, oral readings and christmas carols create a pre-christmas atmosphere.

The hubertus mass on saturday at 16.30 o’clock in the frensdorf church is also a very special program point this year. The frensdorf advent will come to a festive close on sunday with a concert by the kreismusikschule, which will also take place in the church at 4 p.M.

Opening hours farm museum on saturday, 8. December: 3 to 8 p.M.; sunday, 9 a.M. December: 1 to 6 p.M. Opening hours village square on saturday: 3 to 8 pm; sunday: 1 to 7 pm.

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