Afd-eklat: politicians who have taken leave of their senses

Afd-eklat: Politicians who have taken leave of their senses

His book on decency in difficult times came at the right time. A bestseller, not by chance. Of course, axel hacke is not only concerned with exposing indecent behavior in politics. But also, left and right.

Haven’t we long since become a society in which – taking into account the fact that each age defines its own concept of decency – basic values such as proper behavior have long since gone by the wayside?? It’s bad enough that this very question comes up again and again. Especially, as now again, with the afd.

Now the lamenting may begin – about exclusion and prejudice. Always with the aim of somehow turning the offenders into victims after all. Especially in the social media. Just there, where a number of commentators seem to have long since abandoned not only all sense of decency, but also all good spirits. So let’s take a closer look at what it means: decency is more than just respect – although even that was enough for an elected representative of the people to put up with critical remarks about the politics of his own party. Decency also means sensitivity, correctness, maybe even humanity. All of which are qualities that we should demand of our politicians in particular.

Of course, journalist axel hacke also knows: not every afd sympathizer, politician or even voter is indecent. But the party behaves in this way, very often. Therefore, all those mentioned must be aware: they contribute to making not only disrespectful, but even indecent behavior in politics a bit more salon-worthy. And everyone is responsible for it. There are no excuses.

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