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Airtel Giving Disney+ Hotstar in One More Way than with Postpaid and Broadband

Bharti Airtel, a leading telecom operator in India, recently discontinued the Disney+ Hotstar bundling with its prepaid plans. While the benefit is still available for the postpaid and broadband subscribers of Airtel’s services with select plans, there’s still another way Airtel users can get the Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription for free. For the unaware, the annual cost of the Disney+ Hotstar Mobile plan is Rs 499. With this plan, users can watch the entire content library of Disney+ Hotstar and also see live sports directly on their smartphones. Let’s see one other way apart from purchasing broadband and postpaid services of Airtel through which users can get a free Disney+ Hotstar benefit from the company.

Bharti Airtel Users Can get Disney+ Hotstar in one More Way with Rewards123Plus

Bharti-owned Airtel Payments Bank (APB), a banking subsidiary, offers its customers a Rewards123Plus subscription. This subscription comes at the cost of Rs 499 per year. This is the same cost as the Disney+ Hotstar Mobile plan. There’s a one-year Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription included for free with the APB’s Rewards123Plus plan. Along with that, the Rewards123Plus plan offers customers assured cashback benefits of up to Rs 80 per month on Load Money, bill payments and shopping. Users can also get a virtual debit card or classic prepaid card from the company under this subscription. There’s also unlimited deposits and a sweep-out facility available with this plan.

So now, you just have to ask yourself this question, whether you want to pay for the Rewards123Plus subscription if you are an Airtel Payments Bank customer or whether you want to directly pay for the Disney+ Hotstar Mobile plan. While both offer the same benefits, it would be a good thing to go for the APB’s subscription as it would deliver more value and benefits for the Rs 499 spent.

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