Amazon workers on strike again

Amazon workers on strike again

According to the trade union verdi, a total of around 450 employees took part in a two-day walkout in bad hersfeld (hesse) and leipzig by noon on saturday. On friday, around 300 amazon employees had already stopped work at both locations. The walkout was expected to continue throughout saturday.

The union wants to persuade amazon to enter into collective bargaining based on the conditions prevailing in the retail sector. Amazon rejects this and sees itself as a logistics provider whose pay is already at the upper end of the industry’s normal level.

In bad hersfeld, around 250 employees were on strike until noon on saturday, according to a verdi spokeswoman. The work stoppages to date have already led to individual improvements, such as the payment of christmas bonuses for the first time last year. In order to reach a collective agreement, the labor dispute must continue, even at other sites," he said. Verdi has been striking the mail order company again and again for a year now.

In leipzig, verdi spoke of around 200 strikers. At a rally, they demanded, among other things, collectively agreed break times that are not shortened by long distances and security checks. A recent survey of strikers and workers showed that, on average, only 28 minutes of the 45 minutes of regular break time remained.

"The rest is lost due to walking and waiting time at the controls," it hailed from the union. This shows that there is also a need for collective bargaining agreements on working hours and breaks – in addition to pay and vacation and christmas bonuses.

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