Amri accomplice had contact with paris terror masterminds

Amri accomplice had contact with paris terror masterminds

An accomplice of christmas market bomber anis amri is said to have been in contact with the wire-puller of the paris terrorist attacks of november 2015.

As reported by the "spiegel" in its current issue, the frenchman clement B. In a taped conversation, talked about his contact with the parisian assassin abdelhamid abaaoud.

The B. Suspected of attacking in berlin in the fall of 2016 together with amri and the islamist threat magomed-ali C. To have planned an explosive attack. However, the trio refrained from their plan at the time, after the berlin police had found C. Had appeared.

In december 2016, amri then hijacked a truck and crashed the vehicle into the christmas market on breitscheidplatz in berlin. He killed twelve people and then fled across western europe before finally being shot dead by police in italy.

In the paris attacks in november 2015, terrorists of the islamic state (IS) had killed 130 people. In the concert hall "bataclan" they caused a massacre, bars and restaurants were shot at, at the stade de france suicide bombers blew themselves up.

As the german press agency has learned, the frenchman B. In december 2015, i.E. Shortly after the paris attacks, they were stopped by the federal police in dresden. The officers had examined him for traces of explosives. Today he is in prison in france.

According to "spiegel," important findings about amri’s international network came from monitoring the frenchman’s speech with visitors in prison. On 25. August had B. Investigation files suggest that simultaneous attacks were originally planned in germany, france and belgium. This plan had he, amri and womoglich further manner in the eye envisaged.

The evidence that a coordinated series of attacks had been planned in berlin, paris and brussel had already come up in the federal parliament’s committee of inquiry into the berlin attack.

The leader of the left-wing parliamentary group in the investigation committee, martina renner, demanded that the connections between amri and the paris attackers, which have now become apparent, absolutely had to be clarified. "There is a suspicion that the security authorities have known about these connections for a long time," she said. The committee of inquiry must be given access to the documents relating to the german investigation proceedings that took place after the paris attacks.

"The theory of the lone perpetrator anis amri is a dead end at the latest today. Amri was apparently involved in a highly radical europe-wide network of islamists," said benjamin strasser, an FDP member of parliament. How such an intensively networked islamist could fall through the cracks of german security authorities is unclear.

Amri was a follower of the IS. The tunisian last lived as a rejected asylum seeker in berlin, frequented salafist mosques and sold drugs.


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