Another location for the logistics center would be better

The logistics company CS trans must vacate its leased warehouses by the end of the year because no agreement could be reached with the owners. The company submitted a building application to the city of bad staffelstein to build a 15000 square meter rough shed at a different location, northeast of grundfeld, as well as a workshop, a washing facility, a gas station and truck parking spaces. The state heritage council, an advisory body to the state government, has now voted unanimously against the construction of the company complex at such a prominent site in the main valley.

The landesdenkmalrat (state council for the preservation of historical monuments) rejects the construction of the building at this site because it is a cultural landscape worthy of special protection. The gottesgarten on the obermain with vierzehnheiligen and banz monastery is particularly sensitive, is how the committee’s reasoning can be summed up.

Previous story

The town of bad staffelstein did not make the decision lightly. In february 2019, the city council had approved the development by majority vote. In a referendum held in november 2019, 66.5 percent of those eligible to vote were in favor of building the new halls. In the june 2020 meeting, the city council postponed the decision on a project-related urban land use plan and on the preliminary design of the new building. A working group was formed to reconcile all the interests involved.

Bad staffelstein’s mayor jurgen kohmann (CSU) responds to our question as to whether the search for a new site is possible at all and whether the logistics company might relocate to lichtenfels or ebensfeld if it has to leave grundfeld: "the state monument council has not yet made a statement to the city of bad staffelstein. We are in an ongoing administrative procedure in which no personal assessments or statements will be made."

Ursula sowa (B90/grune), member of the bamberg state parliament, had intervened in the debate and considered what could be done to prevent the construction of the logistics center. The regional heritage council, of which she has recently become a member, seemed to her to be a suitable body for this purpose. The council is a serious consultative institution, which follows up on more serious interesting cases. The free state, she says, can and should support intermunicipal cooperation so that municipalities do not go away empty-handed when, for example, companies move away because they are denied the land for expansion.

At the hall project in grundfeld she stores the massing of industrial buildings at the scenically valuable place. She considers it a mistake that many other industrial buildings are already there: "the next mistake would be a double mistake – and that is a failure." The garden of god at the obermain must be preserved in its beauty.

Ubercommunal planning

Another suitable body that could intervene here is the regional planning association for upper franconia-west, of which she is a member. Together, it should be possible to designate suitable areas so that the planned site in the main valley does not have to be built on. "You should see if the first location comes up again", suggests ursula sowa, i.E. Mediate as far as possible so that the existing halls are integrated into a concept. These existing halls must be prevented from remaining empty.

"Acting together, not with an elbow", is her suggestion. If the logistics company moves because it is offered a more suitable site in another municipality, it is a question of distributing the company’s business tax between the two municipalities. This is already being done elsewhere.

Thinking about plan B

We would like to know from christian schad, the CS managing director, what the state of affairs is from his point of view. "We currently have to be out by the end of 2020", he answers and adds: "we may have to rent something else for the time being." He could not be more specific at the moment, because the corona pandemic had thrown all schedules into disarray. Christian schad feels left alone by the politicians, who should have come to an understanding with him in good time in order to find a solution that is practicable for everyone. But this much he let slip: "we are actively working on a plan B."

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