Aschach castle: where the treasures tower

aschach castle: where the treasures tower

"Folklore" stands behind the four. The elevator stops. All floors are female. None of the windows in this building will ever be opened. Whoever is allowed to enter the little tower below the aschach castle has to bring light gloves. Thousands of cultural and historical treasures lie dormant here. To find out exactly what they are, experts go on a scavenger hunt.

For some it is just an empty old beer bottle. Simon hornig carefully reaches under the bucket lid. His weiben glove hand turns the green bottle, tilts the neck. "Brewery aschach" it says.

Behind every part there is a story, says anna vatteroth, who also got out of the excerpt. What was before? The empty beer bottle documents economic relations: jobs, suppliers … 50000 objects are stored in the depot of the museums schloss aschach. Paintings, furniture, ceramics, equipment and utensils, clothing – the treasury preserves lower franconian history on six levels. Christiane landgraf helped build the folklore collection.

Their great pride is the department on the third floor of the depot tower: "textil". Christiane landgraf is a district costume consultant and knows exactly which style of costume comes from which corner of lower franconia. In huge gray drawers, the colorful skirts, bodices and dresses lay neatly side by side. Skirts are rolled, metal appliques are not allowed to lie on top of each other. The 59-year-old has her sights set on special pieces. More festive clothes than everyday wear are stored in the cupboards. "We are missing men’s work clothes. These have been applied."

Death picture betrays details

In order to get information about time and place, christiane landgraf is pleased when the death picture of her grandmother matches a costume. Colleague simon hornig sometimes needs a good dose of imagination for his search for clues.

Especially when it comes to cake devices from the beginning of the 20th century. He recounts the history of the twentieth century. Or guessed at agricultural. For him, much of his detective work revolves around identity and rootedness. From witnesses he gets hints and background information. The goal is to complete the inventory list. His job seems secure. 18,000 copies in the depot still have no entry. A new case for simon hornig: to investigate the history of a piece, the 29-year-old researches in specialist literature, at antique dealers, in company chronicles and journals, on ebay, or he interviews experts.

Many a unique piece rests in the depot, waiting for its rough appearance in one of the aschach castle museums. Other parts are lent: all the more important that the pieces are accurately described. Here is a photo of the piece. Perfectly illuminated. In the end, the rough documentation will also determine which collections will be expanded and which will possibly be given to other museums, explains christiane landgraf.

Hand washing, sturdy shoes, no bags: people who want to go to the depot have to follow some rules. Even new parts are not allowed into the depot tower so easily. New arrivals stay in the quarantine room for the first few weeks. Clear: important for wood goblins because of the worm. Creepy crawlies were not left undiscovered for long on the weiben fubboden anyway.

From the cellar into the brick wall

Before the collections were housed in the building that was constructed on the saale river in 2006, some pieces were stored in the basement of the palace. "Questionable from a conservation point of view", attests christiane landgraf. In the new masonry, the humidity is regulated: maximum 65 percent.

Where thousands of schoolbooks from lower franconia tower is the realm of anna vatteroth. The economic and social historian is currently investigating what has changed in arithmetic lessons over the years. Along the way, she learns how educational styles have changed in the teaching staff. Almost in passing, the outdated literature for schoolchildren and teachers reveals the broad outlines of world politics, she explains. As a historian, she wants to find out: "how did we get to where we are today??"

Coarse or small, every piece that the depot preserves is a piece of history. In the museums they are brought to life for the visitors. This is to create a connection, explains anna vatteroth. "We want to create images in the mind."

Enter and stumble

Open the folklore museum and the school museum of the museums schloss aschach are from the 1. April until 31. October open tuesdays to saturdays from 2 to 5 p.M. And on sundays and holidays between 11 a.M. And 5 p.M. Monday is a day of rest. The graf-luxburg-museum reopens in 2020. This part of the museums schloss aschach is currently being renovated. The special exhibition in the museum barn "when the old ones pay" about dialect and way of life in lower franconia. It is still open until sunday, 9. September, to be seen at the same opening times.

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