Attempted murder of rival in veitshochheim – 29-year-old in custody for investigation

Attempted murder of rival in veitshochheim - 29-year-old in custody for investigation

After a 29-year-old man drove his car at a 32-year-old opponent on tuesday evening, the police arrested the suspected offender today in the area of hanau. The man was brought before the investigating magistrate at the wurzburg district court later today.

As already reported, a 29-year-old man lured the three-year-old friend of his ex-girlfriend to his home on tuesday evening at around 7:00 p.M. Under false pretenses. When the man stepped onto the street, the suspected perpetrator suddenly drove towards him in his car at full throttle and without his lights on. The 32-year-old was able to save himself by jumping to the side and was only slightly injured.

The wurzburg criminal investigation department took over the investigation together with the wurzburg public prosecutor’s office. This morning, the search for the 29-year-old suspect finally led to the man’s arrest in hanau, hesse.

The district court issued a warrant for the man’s arrest for, among other things, attempted murder. The 29-year-old was subsequently sent to a correctional facility.


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