Bad bruckenau: mayor brigitte meyerdierks says goodbye

Bad bruckenau: mayor brigitte meyerdierks says goodbye

Brigitte meyerdierks (CSU) comes from tiefenbach near passau. The graduate in administration has lived in bad bruckenau since 1994. She has been on the city council since 2000, on the county council since 2002, and was deputy mayor since 2002 before becoming mayor ten years ago. At her own request, the 65-year-old shortened her term of office by one and a half years and left office at the end of april. She has been re-elected as a county councilor for another six years.

Mrs. Meyerdierks, how does it feel to no longer be mayor??

Brigitte meyerdierks: there is a lot of nostalgia involved. But I was lucky: both my daughters were there because they were doing home office work. There i was not alone. And the city administration has given me a farewell that is fair to the corona. I also liked to celebrate a festival with the burgers, with brass music, a maypole and free beer. I hope we can make up for that someday – not just for my sake, but for the sake of the outgoing city councilors as well.

The corona crisis poses major challenges for all responsible parties. Are you glad that you no longer have to perform this task??

Happy is the wrong expression. I am relieved to know that everything is in good hands with my successor, jochen vogel. I hope for bad bruckenau that everything will be fine, especially for tourism.

Because of the current situation, you said goodbye to the citizens with a video. In it, she pays tribute to the many projects of her term of office. What do you consider to be your greatest success? The bike path and the founding of the bruckenau rhonallianz. That will point the way to the future. From both I can also say that I was mabgeblich involved in it. I am also very proud that we are now up to date with the schools and kindergartens. And I say "we" deliberately: a mayor does not do anything alone. It’s always a community effort.

Were there also things that they have not succeeded?

This is of course the hotel post. There was a lot of commitment from me. What also really pisses me off is that we haven’t managed to get the wernarzer brucke in line. And the city center

Where for years there has been a tug of war over the opening for vehicles, a test opening and the opening only until 1 p.M. It was an unfortunate event?

Yes. In my opinion, the decision should have been made right away to either close completely or to open completely. But that was really due to the very different attitudes of the city councils towards it.

What were your darkest hours in the past ten years??

There was no such thing. I have had so many dark hours in my life before, for example after the death of my husband. When things have been difficult, I have always thought about what I have already achieved. (pause) the election in 2016 was very drastic for me. But it wasn’t dark, it was instructive.

In what way?

Because I had to experience that it’s not only the work that pays, but also the work that goes on around it. How one can present oneself, for example.

At that time, 23-year-old claudio kleinhans won 34.63 percent of the vote at the first attempt. You yourself won the election by a narrow margin. Three years later you made the decision to, in your own words, "make room for a breath of fresh air" to make. Did this decision hurt you?

It didn’t hurt me, it’s normal. I realized that I owed it to the city and to myself to make room for the next generation. I was passionate about being mayor of bad bruckenau.

Did you lose some of your heart for the cause over time??

A long time after my re-election, yes. At the time, I resolved to go out with integrity.

Many of the projects of her tenure were dedicated to community care. Renovated roads and expanded kindergarten are quickly forgotten as soon as the construction sites are completed. What lasting impetus did you give to the city??

As i said, the bicycle path and the establishment of the rhonallianz. But also the healing springs! We presented the question to the city council: what direction should we take?? This resulted in the expert opinion on our healing springs and the stronger orientation towards tourism and health. That was a groundbreaking step. It will always be difficult to locate large commercial operations because of our topography.

What will you miss most in retirement?

The communication. To be in the town hall every day, my collaborators. I will miss the whole professional life.

The interview was conducted by ulrike muller.

Overview of brigitte meyerdierks’ term of office:

Projects the city of bad bruckenau undertook the following construction projects in the past ten years: general renovation of the elementary school, general renovation of the triple gymnasium, renovation of unterhain- and sinnaustrabe, purchase of the railroad line and construction of a bicycle path, extension of kissinger strabe (sidewalk), new construction of kindergarten volkers, extension and renovation of kindergarten stadtmitte, multipurpose playground romershag, general renovation of the middle school (still ongoing). This large number of projects could be realized because the city, as a recipient of bavarian stabilization aid, received high demand commitments. The specialist retail center, the waldenfels senior citizens’ center with neighboring buildings, and the rewe supermarket were not built on behalf of the city during this period.

Urban redevelopment west the city has been pursuing a redevelopment concept since 2008. The following projects have been realized with the help of demand funds: sinnauplatz, renovation of the alleys in the old town, obermang parking lot, parking lot at the music school, support for private facade renovations, and the redesign of the train station area (planning underway).

Topics numerous discussions also marked the term of office of mayor brigitte meyerdierks. These included the dispute over the sudlink power line, tight budget management in times of stabilization aid, better marketing of the healing springs, and the futile struggle to revitalize the city center.


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