Baunach in the 2020 sign

Baunach in the 2020 sign

What has kept baunach particularly busy in 2019?? And what projects will determine the coming year? In the last meeting of the city council for this year, there were many reviews and also information about youth work, city library and burgerhaus.

4187 inhabitants currently live in baunach and its districts, which means that development is very stable, as mayor ekkehard hojer (CBB) explained in his annual review. However, 23 births were offset by 51 deaths, and only 21 marriages were registered by the registry office. However, business tax revenues remain high at over three million euros, as does the share of income tax received by the city. In return, baunach will probably have to pay another high district levy of around 1.6 million euros. The debt could be reduced to 600000 euros, which is less than 150 euros per inhabitant.

The city has been particularly busy with the further elaboration of ilek and isek (integrated rural development concept and integrated urban development concept), the designation of building areas (langmeh II, sommerleite III dorgendorf) and the special area for horse farms. In addition, a flash flood risk management system is currently being developed. The urn burial site in the reckenneusig cemetery and the dorgendorf fire station were almost completed.

For the year 2020 hojer looked at the upcoming projects. These include the refurbishment of the school, the extension of the baunach cemetery, the refurbishment of the roderweg (work has already been commissioned here), the construction of the cycle path to appendorf and the fire department – the priegendorf fire department will be receiving a new vehicle, which has already been ordered. In the matter of multipurpose hall an architect competition was announced. The building application for the "zehntscheune", where the wooden manner will soon be housed, is currently being prepared.

Burgerhaus has established itself

Melanie schmitt took a close look at the activities of the city library and the burgerhaus lechner-brau. 50 events took place in the grob saal in 2019, 15 of which were organized by baunach associations, 25 by the town and 14 of which were the town library’s own events, such as music and cabaret evenings. "The burgerhaus has established itself well, and we’ve also been able to attract many regular guests", explained schmitt. In the municipal library itself, there were 40 events, 900 active readers came regularly to the lending desk, and around 40,000 loans were made. The bookstore operation is currently organized by 25 volunteers.

Schmitt also informed the city council about culture, tourism and fair trade. There was a lot of positive feedback about this year’s city festival, which will take place again in 2021. New signs were placed on historic buildings to inform visitors, and the city’s own tourism website continues to be maintained. And progress is also being made in the area of sustainability and fair trade. Next year’s sustainability day is to be held under the motto "plastic" will be held at.

A lot going on during the vacations

Luigi de vita, the youth representative, reported on the vacation program. Once again, the event was held throughout the entire administrative community; advertising in the brochure kept costs low. A total of 42 events were held, with 360 participants attending the events in baunach. Together with the municipal youth work, a meeting with the young people is scheduled for january in order to gather feedback and also to explore new possibilities for improving the vacation program and the participation of the young people in the development of the town.

Youth work was also a topic in jam’s annual review. Since march there is a new team with tanja becker and christopher blenk. The youth center in baunach was open on three days for different age groups, and a new opening time for activities is now to be added. Tanja becker listed some of the activities for 2019 – baking and handicrafts were made, popcorn and cotton candy were sold at the town festival, barbecue evenings were held and a new chill lounge for the youth center was made from pallets. For the day trips there were 172 registrations and a long waiting list. In the new year, the cooperation with the associations is to be strengthened.

Nina kerker is responsible for youth social work at the middle school. The library is open in the mornings and, if necessary, at other times, and offers language services for schools and parents. She is also responsible for social group trainings or projects with cooperation partners and answered some questions from the city council about them.

Evelina bayerlein from the administration had brought a surprise with her – she presented the new website of the administrative community, which is to be launched in the coming week. A special focus was placed on a simple and user-friendly structure as well as on good cross-device presentation on computers as well as on smartphones and tablets.

The city council also had to pass two resolutions: the frankenbund will again receive 1000 euros as compensation for honorary members for the care of the crib museum. And for the new permanent exhibition in the home museum a site and rough concept was given to a cultural scientist. It should work out how the exhibition could look in the future. The project will cost around 18,000 euros, and the state office for non-governmental museums has already promised a grant of at least 10,000 euros.

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